Visual Arts at Esplanade

Visual Arts at Esplanade

14 January – 1 May 2022
Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Esplanade Concourse, Esplanade Tunnel, Esplanade Community Wall (go to Google maps)
Esplanade Tunnel, Community Wall and Concourse: All day / Jendela (Visual Arts Space): Mon–Fri 11am–8.30pm

Sat, Sun and PH 10am–8.30pm
Free Admission

Visual Arts at Esplanade

In four exhibitions around Esplanade's visual arts spaces, view newly commissioned, site-specific works by artists, each exploring long-term research interests or engagements with form and medium.

At Jendela (Visual Arts Space), Han Sai Por fills the space with her distinctive fluid and organic forms, drawn from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Microorganisms Landscape captures the impact of human activity on our environment.

Unfolding across the Esplanade Tunnel, Boedi Widjaja expands upon his preoccupation with the world of wuxia through Jin Yong’s novel《侠客行》(Ode to Gallantry).Widjaja’s titular Kang Ouw 《侠客行 》merges his drawings of wuxia with a system of architectonic, numeral script that encodes the artist’s multicultural imagination.

With a practice that intersects artmaking and archaeology, d3ar succ3ss0r by Fazleen Karlan at the Community Wall excavates debris of our present accumulated in stratigraphic layers over time, and posits a speculative examination of remnants from our present by individuals from the future.

Sender of Wishes by Gatot Indrajati at the Esplanade Concourse draws upon motifs characteristic of the artist’s works. The installation is conceived as a cityscape with inhabitant toy figures and captures the ways individuals are an agent of hope in light of the pandemic.

Image courtesy of Boedi Widjaja, Kang Ouw《侠客行》
Esplanade Forecourt
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