11 – 27 January 2020
2 Cavan Road
Mon–Fri 5pm–10pm
Sat and Sun 2pm–10pm
Closed on Mon and Chinese New Year
Entry by donation


TWENTY TWENTY will officially open its doors 10 January 2020 with an opening party hosted by artists x Lo & Behold Group to kick off the first day of Singapore Art Week; the annual arts event celebrated by creative professionals, art practitioners and all groups in the creative industries.

Strange Things is a show populated by unfamiliar entities and alien objects. Interventions, disruptions, interpositions, negotiations–the works included in the present exhibition represent a range of responses to the material and visual milieu of the derelict structures of the 2 Cavan Road complex. Dating from the early 1930s, the now disused factory space represents an eclipsed historical presence in the layers of the palimpsest that is Singapore's urban fabric. The objects and bodies of Strange Things, like transplanted beings in an otherworldly landscape, are playful, meditative, exotic, phantasmagorical. 

Headlining Strange Things is Merry Go Round, a massive installation by local artist Dawn Ng, who is mounting 299 pieces of L-shaped mirror floor-mounted in a circle, towering 2.5m in height.

About Merry Go Round by Dawn Ng 
Merry Go Round invites visitors to experience the confounding phenomenon of collapsing dimensions and the unravelling of time. Arriving at the core enveloped by mirrored planes of flexions which allude to an inescapable black hole, one is confronted by facets of splintered self, divide of time and states of reflexivity. A poetic intervention in climates of change and vanished memories, Merry Go Round triggers consciousness and embolden us to confront and question the plight of being human.

List of Works
Santi Wangchuan, untitled
Mike HJ Chang, False Spring / False Land
Wong Lip Chin, untitled
Tuan Mami, In One’s Breath - Nothing Stands Still
Muhammad Akbar, Il Fait Bleu
Nicholas Ong, Absurd Theatrics series

Suggested contribution at the door

Curator Tours
18, 19 January
3pm, 5.30pm, 8.30pm
$15 per pax (price includes general admission)

TWENTY TWENTY is led by the Singapore Arts Club.

Image courtesy of Singapore Arts Club
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