The Sage: Launch Showcase

The Sage: Launch Showcase

27 – 30 January 2021
Stamford Arts Centre, Block A #03-02
Daily, 12pm – 9pm
Free Admission

The Sage: Launch Showcase

The Sage is one part of a series of projects based on Carl Jung’s 12 Archetypes. The Jungian Archetypes are defined as universal images and themes that derive from the collective unconscious, and the psychic counterpart of instinct. It is described as a kind of innate unspecific knowledge, derived from the sum total of human history, which prefigures and directs conscious behaviour.

What is normally understood of The Sage archetype is a character who constantly craves knowledge and known as the bearer of truth. However this project seeks to depict The Sage as some-one who is on a journey in search within themselves for their personal truth and identity.

With The Sage, we travel between two realms – Real Life and Virtual Reality – in search of our versions of truth. You will be immersed in an installation of digital artworks, VR environment, short film, and apparels to translate this story.

“Will the truth set you free?”

A selection of merchandise will be available for purchase at the exhibition.

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An Asylum, The Sage (Preview), 2021. Image courtesy of the artist.

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