Revisiting Let's Walk by Amanda Heng

Revisiting Let's Walk by Amanda Heng

20 January 2018
The Substation
Sat 9am
Duration: 120–180 mins
Free Admission

Revisiting Let's Walk by Amanda Heng

As part of her Walking Workshop with art and design students from various institutions, Amanda will revisit the 1999 version of Let’s Walk in a live performance with the student-participants, beginning at The Substation and ending at the Merlion Park.

Members of the public are welcome to participate in the walk as well.

Amanda and the students will be developing further walk ideas and art works as a response to this live walk with the public, which will be exhibited in A Walked Line Can Never Be Erased, an exhibition presenting documentation of and artistic responses to Amanda's live performance pieces. Taking place from 10 to 27 May at Objectifs, it also includes documentation of some of the earlier walking projects done by Amanda Heng.

Amanda Heng began her practice in the late 1980s, an epochal moment in Singapore art history that saw the beginnings of contemporary art, where she worked in performance, installation and other multi-disciplinary projects. A lecturer and full-time art practitioner, Heng was also awarded the prestigious Cultural Medallion award in 2010.

The exhibition is commissioned as part of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2018: Let’s Walk.

Meeting Point
Outside The Substation at 8.30am for briefing

Let's Walk, Amanda Heng. Image courtesy of Amanda Heng
Dr Chen Wen Hsi Art Museum
14 December 2018 – 27 January 2019
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