Islands Time-Based Art Festival

Islands Time-Based Art Festival

14 – 23 January 2022
Aliwal Arts Centre (go to Google maps)
7PM - 10PM (weekdays) & 12PM - 10PM (weekends)
Free Admission

Islands Time-Based Art Festival

Islands Time-Based Art (ITBA) is an artist-initiated multidisciplinary platform for live presentations and art practices that are transitory in nature.

The ITBA Festival, initiated by Kai Lam and anGie Seah, will present a showcase of artists who stretch across three generations, art disciplines and cultural perspectives. It will encompass new media interdisciplinary art forms such as sound art, performance art and live improvisations to gather a wider community and develop new interests in contemporary art practices. ITBA believes in cultivating spontaneity and creative instincts through time-based fluid art forms. “Islands” as a creative platform here represents diversity and connecting clusters of ideas and varied art practices.

Besides ‘live’ presentations, the festival will also bring together art workers, cultural writers and curators for pertinent discussions about resilience, performance art, well-being, artistic processes and more.

Image of Courtesy of Nicole Phua.

Performance | "Lim Bu Tell You Ah ..." by Jessie Lim

14 Jan 2022, 7pm

Performance | "Use-less Act" by Kok Heng Leun

14 Jan 2022, 8pm

Performance | "The War" by Qianpima

14 Jan 2022, 9pm

Durational Performance | "About Endlessness" by Nicholas Tee

15 Jan 2022, 3pm to 7pm

Performance | "In Transit 过渡 (a performance)” by Ang Gey Pin

15 Jan 2022, 7pm

Performance | "Jun's 30-40 Minute Improvisation (work in progress)" by Wu Junhan

15 Jan 2022, 8pm

Panel Discussion | "The sound of two hands clapping"

16 Jan 2022, 12pm to 1:30pm

What is the value of a ‘live’ performance art piece and what does it mean when an audience claps at the end of it? What is the psychotropic connotation of the clap for the art, the artist, and the audience themselves?
Moderator: Khairuddin Hori
Panelists: Dr Marcus Tan, Kok Heng Leun, George Chua, anGie seah 

Artist Talk | Jessi Lim and Yom Bo Sung (In conversation with Eunice Lacaste)

16 Jan 2022, 2pm to 3pm

Performance | "Nothing Much" by George Chua

16 Jan 2022, 7pm

Performance | "MISSION A.Y.A" by Aya Sekine

16 Jan 2022, 8pm

Open Improvisation (By Festival Artists)

16 Jan 2022, 9pm

Public Art
Digital billboard at Fortune Centre and Kinex Mall
14 – 23 January 2022
Newly commissioned site-specific video works about the impact of digital technology on advertising.