In Suspension

In Suspension

21 – 23 January 2022
2PM - 11PM
Free Admission

In Suspension

In Suspension is a 3-day virtual symposium broadcast by H0thouse, that engages the boundaries of art and life. Dwelling in suspended yet productive spaces of delays, temporary stoppages and hiatus, signs of vitality, persistence and adaptable living conditions are uncovered. 

Each day focuses on conditions that affect artistic practice — as an individual, as part of a family and living within a community. Titled Gestations, Dormancy and Substrates, the 3 days describe elements and occurrences that would be of concern within ecological metaphors such as the 'arts ecology' and the growth of the 'arts landscape'

The 3-day broadcast is streamed live on the landing page and would run from afternoon till night. Switching between keynote lectures, performances, dialogues and screenings, In Suspension is an international and multi-generational convening of people from various places of practice within and no longer in the arts. The three intersecting frames are moderated by Bernice Lee, Dr Marc Gloede, and Daisuke Takeya, offering insight through their personal research and networks in art, academia and collectivity. 

This event is an expansion of H0thouse's Mindspace presentation programme—a conversation-based working history of media art in Singapore.

Moderators: Bernice Lee (SG), Daisuke Takeya (JP), Marc Gloede (DE) 

List of Artists/Panelists: Bani Haykal (SG), Chan Sze-Wei (SG), Chen Sai Hua Kuan (SG), Faye Lim (SG), ila (Shahila Bte Baharom) (SG), Kemi & Nico (New Zealand Paheka & Maori) , Susie Wong (SG), Dr Wang Ruo Bing (SG), Alexander Koch (DE), Live Creatives Show (Cao Zhiyi, Chong Lii) (SG), Lim Kok Boon (SG), Sookoon Ang (SG), Andreas Ribbung (SE), Emelie Chhangur (CA), Dr June Yap (SG), Post Museum (Woon Tien Wei) (SG), Norberto Roldan (PH), Thomas Ragnar (AU), Baben Shin (Lionel Deng) .
12 – 30 January 2022
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