IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago

IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago

18 – 28 January 2018
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Opens Daily 10am–8pm
Free Admission

IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago

Art Outreach is pleased to present the inaugural IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago, bringing together a selection of modern Indonesian and Singaporean art from two prominent Singaporean private collections.

Curated by IMPART Curatorial Award Winner Kamiliah Bahdar, the works of Affandi, Cheong Soo Pieng, I Made Djirna, I Nyoman Sukari, Popo Iskandar, Srihadi Soedarsono, Tang Da Wu, Widayat, and Zhuang Sheng Tao will be on display at this arresting exhibition.

Though the Indonesian and Singaporean artists draw their ideas from different cultural traditions and philosophies, their subjectivity is nonetheless rooted in the archipelago. Focused on life in the region, the works of these artists share in the representation of peoples, landscapes, and of expressive inner worlds and spirituality, bridging the incommensurable gap of their respective cultural legacies.

The following public programmes will be held in conjunction with the exhibition:

A Panel Discussion: Private Collecting, Public Legacies?
24 January, 5pm
The unprecedented expansion of the art market and private collecting in recent years, has been accompanied by an increasing interest on the part of private collectors in encouraging greater public engagement with art through their collections. What motivates collectors to exhibit their collections? How does the exhibiting of private collections shape public views of contemporary art? What are the potential impacts of private collecting on today's art museums? How can private collecting support the developing art scenes of Southeast Asia over the long term, and will it follow the trajectory of the American museums, which have been built from the legacies of private collectors.

Public Tours
20, 21, 27, 28 January
Various Timings
Tours in English and Mandarin
To register, please visit here.

IMPART Collectors' Show. Image courtesy of Art Outreach Singapore
Telok Kurau Studios
21 January 2018
Enjoy rolling, and pinching into lovable creatures.