A myriad of intriguing exhibitions from artist showcases and interactive installations, to family-friendly and inclusive activities for all.
5 Rehearsals of a Wedding by Kray Chen
Visual artist, Kray Chen, presents a new project that turns a playful eye on the rituals of an average Singaporean Chinese wedding, in a quest to understand the anxieties and behaviours associated with weddings today.
8th France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award 2017
Alliance Française de Singapour is holding the 8th France + Singapore Photographic Arts Award (FSPAA), a competition that aims to feature French and Singaporean professional photographic artists.
Accelerated Intimacy by Sarah Choo Jing
Accelerated Intimacy considers questions of site, memory and staging in relation to time.
After Asphodel by Luke Heng
A development from his previous visual examinations of paintings and castings, Singaporean artist Luke Heng presents a series of new works that tackle the spiritual and literal construction of the non-place.
All In Her Day’s Work by Charmaine Poh
This photographic series explores industries related to physical beauty and consider the pressures placed on women's bodies and the performativity of gender.
All the King's Horses by Lydia Janssen
American artist, Lydia Janssen makes her Singapore debut with her latest body of works.
The collection of new works by Yeo Kaa in ALONE BUT NOT LONELY asserts independence and fulfillment from solitary life, dealing with the theme of cherishing moments of being alone and seeking happiness and comfort by one’s self.
Always Moving: The Batik Art Of Sarkasi Said
The exhibition revisits Sarkasi Said’s earliest reminiscences of batik as a central component of his Javanese heritage, within the context of multicultural and modernising Singapore.
Appreciating the Art of Chen Wen Hsi Series V
Johnny Quek started this project with one simple goal in mind — to protect and enhance the legacy of one of Singapore's most famous and gifted artists Chen Wen Hsi.
Art from the Streets
Artscience Museum presents an exhibition featuring nearly 200 works including on-site projects, paintings, installations, videos, archives and sketches from 50 of the world’s best known street artists such as Banksy, Shephard Fairey (aka OBEY), Futura, Seen, Space Invader, JR, and Vhils.
Art of Giving by K+ SOTA
K+ is proud to partner Scotts Square as part of their annual Art of Giving initiative.
Art of the Rehearsal by Sarah Choo Jing
Art of the Rehearsal is a three-channel immersive video installation by multidisciplinary artist Sarah Choo Jing.
Artificially in Order by Erianto
Element Art Space is pleased to present Artifically In Order, Erianto’s third solo exhibition in Singapore.
Artist Feature of the Month – April Ng
April’s approach in her artistic practice is a reflection of her attitude to life — simplicity.
Bias Colours by David Chan
Bias Colours is David Chan’s 8th solo exhibition.
Big towers: Joanna Piotrowska, Francesco Simeti, Bedwyr Williams
Big towers, the first exhibition at ICA Singapore by curator Caterina Riva, addresses her encounter with another geography and context, where expectations, regulations, fears and dreams call for a readjustment.
Chromosomes by Hiromi Tango
What is it to be a human?
BOXED UP – Art in Boxes by Iskander Walen
Art doesn’t always have to be out in the open, for everyone to see.
Cinerama: Art and the Moving Image in Southeast Asia
From colliding bullets frozen in a ballistics gel block, to stop motion music videos and a vivid imagining of a post-apocalyptic future, observe the shifting boundaries between moving image, film and art in Singapore Art Museum’s latest exhibition, Cinerama: Art and the Moving Image in Southeast Asia.
Discover Art
Discover Art is an easy way to browse different artworks.
Exhibition 2018 @ Telok Kurau Studios
Reorienting their approach from an annual exhibition, Open House @ Telok Kurau Studios seeks to diversify its programmes by presenting other activities alongside an exhibition by participating artists.
Fever Room by Apichatpong Weerasethakul
TheatreWorks Curators Academy is thrilled to premiere FEVER ROOM, a projection-performance by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
Flesh on Loop: Wong Keen’s Solo Exhibition
Featuring 15 stunning works from New York-trained artist Wong Keen’s latest series of collage-paintings, Flesh on Loop is an extension of the artist’s provocative discourse on man’s ubiquitous consumption of flesh.
Fresh Dewdrop by Chen Wei
Ota Fine Arts is delighted to present Chen Wei's solo exhibition Fresh Dewdrop.
Mizuma Gallery is pleased to announce Folkloristics; a group exhibition discussing the study of folklore in the present age.
Forest Weft, City Warp by Nandita Mukand
Forest Weft, City Warp is Nandita Mukand’s solo exhibition, showcasing a new body of work that the artist has been investigating for the past two years.
Games and Politics
The Goethe-Institut Singapore and Kult Gallery present Games and Politics, an interactive exhibition that features 18 playable games, short films, and 2D artworks that deal with socially-­relevant and mature topics like war, gender, migration, democracy and surveillance.
Genesis: God’s Terrarium by Jahan Loh
The Culture Story, a boutique art salon and consultancy based in Singapore presents a solo exhibition by Jahan Loh, titled Genesis: God’s Terrarium.
Imaginary homeland: kang ouw(一)by Boedi Widjaja
I_S_L_A_N_D_S presents Boedi Widjaja’s ongoing series Imaginary homeland, edition kang ouw.
Immersive Scent-sations at the Glass Rotunda
As part of the museum’s 130th anniversary celebrations, three special scents have been introduced to Story of the Forest, an interactive art installation by teamLab that is housed within the museum’s unique Glass Rotunda.
IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago
Art Outreach is pleased to present the inaugural IMPART Collectors' Show: Gentle Waves Over The Archipelago, bringing together a selection of modern Indonesian and Singaporean art from two prominent Singaporean private collections.
Inner Reflection by Ieo Gek Ching
Miaja Gallery presents Inner Reflection, the third solo exhibition by emerging Singaporean artist Ieo Gek Ching.
INSTANT FAME – The Best of Pop Art in Singapore
The best of Pop Art in Singapore.
Invisible Permanence – Ocean Wang Solo Exhibition
In Invisible Permanence, Wang works with our fascinating relationship with, and within, time.
Is Anyone Home? An exhibition exploring childhood in Singapore by Superhero Me
Is Anyone Home? is an exhibition on childhood by Superhero Me, an inclusive arts movement which works with children from diverse backgrounds.
Jesse Jones: Tremble Tremble
In Tremble Tremble, Irish artist Jesse Jones transforms the ICA Singapore’s largest gallery into a multimedia installation which reimagines feminist history and institutions of law.
Kim Lim: Sculpting Light
Sculptures, prints and drawings feature in Kim Lim: Sculpting Light, the late artist's first show in Singapore in over three decades. On loan from the Estate, the exhibition focuses on the relationship and dialogue between her printmaking and sculptural practice.
KOBO – Thoughtful Design, Authentic Craftsmanship by Supermama
Kobo is a collective of quality craft and materials.
Landscape’s Legacies: Visualizing Alam Minangkabau
Mon–Fri 11am–7pm Sat and Sun 12pm–6pm
M.A.T.A.S by RSCLS x Ryf Zaini
M.A.T.A.S or Make A Terrific Artwork Someday features the debut of a collaboration between urban art collective RSCLS and interactive visual artist Ryf Zaini. The light-hearted installation comments on the Singapore street art community’s endless commitment to stay relevant and sustainable, while balancing tensions such as the politics and negotiation of space, both public and personal.
Nature’s Crafts – Else Porcelain Vases Collection by Michal Fargo
Di Legno Gallery is pleased to present Nature’s Crafts – Else porcelain vases collection by Michal Fargo featuring the Else porcelain vases collection by Michal Fargo.
Ng Eng Teng: 1+1=1
This exhibition takes, as its point of departure, the 'geometric' series 1+1=1 produced by artist Ng Eng Teng as a means to re-read the artist’s practice.
Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Commission Series 2018: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Drawing on regional materials, traditions of craft and architecture, Rirkrit Tiravanija presents a site-specific installation in the form of a large-scale bamboo maze with a wooden tea house at its centre.
Off Centre
In the recent economic position, more art spaces and galleries have been compelled unfortunately to relocate into other areas for better rent, in exchange for low human traffic, poorer visibility, and accessibility for the public.
opening day 03: Susie Wong
opening day is a four-part series of artistic interventions housed in the common space on the top floor of Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre (USSC) from 2 December 2017 to 31 January 2018.
opening day 04: Sookoon Ang
opening day is a four-part series of artistic interventions housed in the common space on the top floor of Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre (USSC).
Optimism is Ridiculous: The Altarpieces by Natee Utarit
In conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2018, The Private Museum and Richard Koh Fine Art are pleased to co-present the exhibition, Optimism is Ridiculous: The Altarpieces by leading contemporary Thai visual artist, Natee Utarit.
PERFECT STRANGER is an installation that transforms the gallery into a soft, undulating sea of colour across a single plane.
prep-room | After Ballads
After Ballads is a prep-room project by artist Fyerool Darma that locates literary foundations to historic figures such as Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, and objects from the museum collection.
prep-room | BUAYA: The Making of a Non-Myth
Buaya: The Making of a Non-Myth is an evolving body of works around ideas on the saltwater crocodile in Singapore.
Progress: The Game of Leaders by Sam Lo
Based on the classic block-stacking game, Progress: The Game of Leaders is a highly interactive sculpture that depicts Singapore’s current socio-political landscape.
Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations About Art
Radio Malaya: Abridged Conversations About Art follows an earlier project Between Here and Nanyang: Marco Hsu’s Brief History of Malayan Art (2013 – 2016) and continues to proceed with ways in which the University’s permanent collection may be read in relation to writings on art and cultural history.
RAID explores the intricacies of site as narrator within the historic Tiong Bahru Air Raid Shelter.
Red Peace by Ko Z
Born in Shan State, Ko Z belongs to the Kachin ethnic minority who live in the Northern most state of Myanmar.
Re:Generation—Young Singapore Artists Series featuring Jodi Tan, Justin Lim, Yeo Jian Long
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore celebrates the 90th anniversary of the historic grand building with the debut of Re:Generation presented by Next-Gen artists, curated by Theo Arts Professionals.
SAM Lawn Commission | Harvest by Gerald Leow
Singapore Art Museum’s latest commission for the museum’s Front Lawn, Harvest (2017) by Singaporean artist Gerald Leow, is a lumbung (Malay for rice granary or barn) that draws upon the graphic imagery of a more modern era.
SCAPEs: David LaChapelle Solo Exhibition
Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present SCAPEs, a survey of works by acclaimed American photographer David LaChapelle in Singapore.
SEA STATE 9: Proclamation by Charles Lim
SEA STATE 9: Proclamation features new works from Charles Lim’s SEA STATE project, which explores the complex understandings of sea and land in the fast-growing city-state of Singapore.
Shared Coordinates 2018
A joint exhibition by FOST Gallery (Singapore), ROH Projects (Jakarta), Edouard Malingue Gallery (Hong Kong), and SILVERLENS (Manila) on the occasion of Singapore Art Week 2018 at the Arts House.
Songs of a Beached Whale by Wilfred Lim
In his first solo exhibition, Singapore-based photographer Wilfred Lim explores the relationship between self, memory and space in face of sweeping social and environmental upheavals.
TAKSU: Abstract Show
A collection of fresh works by international artists carefully curated.
That’s Contemporary. Contemporary Art From Marc Chagall to Nowadays
Partners & Mucciaccia is delighted to present a group exhibition with Chagall, Rotella, Savini, Ventrone, Rainaldi, Giannoni, Leone, Holliday, and Kroll, showing the perspective and artworks of artists from the 70s to the present.
Theatre of Reality: Solo Exhibition of Chou Ching Hui
Theatre of Reality serves as a point of discussion and examination of the power of photography as a documentary medium, and in the face of complexities in reality, how image-maker Chou seeks alternative approaches to comprehend and record the conditions of the world we live in.
Timoribus by Melati Suryodarmo
ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present solo exhibition TIMORIBUS by renowned performance artist Melati Suryodarmo.
Transaction of Hollows by Melati Suryodarmo
Exhibiting and performing at bienniales and festivals across the globe, Melati Suryodarmo is known for her work ranging from video and photography, to installations, while durational performance remains her best known art form.
Street Mining: Contemporary Art from the Philippines
Sundaram Tagore Singapore and curator Gary Ross Pastrana present of work by eight emerging and established artists from the Philippines.
The Faces of Janus by Wong Tze Chau
Janus was the Roman god of beginnings, after whom the month of January may have been named.
The Foster Emporium
FOST Gallery is delighted to announce the debut of The Foster Emporium, during which will be transformed into a retail store for 3 months.
The Life of Things
Far from being inanimate or void, objects and places are repositories of history, memory and even consciousness.
The Oceanic
The Oceanic marks the start of NTU CCA Singapore’s new overarching research topic CLIMATES. HABITATS. ENVIRONMENTS. that will inform and connect the Centre’s various activities for the next three years.
The Wealth of Nature by Scooter LaForge
Scooter LaForge is a full-time artist living in New York City.
Tradition | Contemporary: Oil Paintings by Zhu Hong
Zhu Hong is a prominent figure in the local art scene.
(Un)filtered Reflections by Noriko Ambe
New York-based Japanese artist Noriko Ambe presents her work in Singapore for the very first time with (Un)filtered Reflections, her latest project that expands her practice of transforming books into sculptures.
行於大道 – Wang Dongling Solo Exhibition
An exhibition of abstract Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy by one of China’s most highly regarded living ink artists, Wang Dongling (b.1945, China).