The Hours After

The Hours After

22 – 28 January 2021
Gillman Barracks, 6 Lock Road, #02-09 (go to Google maps)
Daily, 6pm – 11:59pm
Free Admission

The Hours After

What happens in the hours after a city falls asleep, after an apocalypse? Artists working in five timezones around the world explore the cosmic and mundane in the wake of breakdowns and slippages from “normalcy”, centred on a night-time gallery experience at Gillman Barracks.

Expect installations, videos, sound pieces, as well as time-limited online works. Encounter digital content accessible only at several mystery locations islandwide, which would be refreshed dynamically. A single-venue visit turned into an art treasure hunt, explore other neighbourhoods and engage with communities in unexpected ways.

The Hours After is, after all, an experiment in counter-normative art presentation that exploits the pandemic-induced dislocation of routines and timespace perception. This exhibition is initiated by Ren Zi and Eugene TYZ.

Magali Duzant, Live Stream Sunset: New York, Chicago, Denver, Oakland, 2014. Image courtesy of the artist.

Time-keeper's Tour

1 - 1.5 hour slots between 10am - 7pm 

Tours are available throughout duration of exhibition. To arrange for a tour, email

Across Time-zones

27 January 2021, 7:30pm - 9pm, Jitsi Meet

To register, email to be updated on the Room ID.

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