The Fruitfulness of Forgetting

The Fruitfulness of Forgetting
21 Jan 2019 - 21 May 2019
  • Eden Hall, 28 Nassim Road, Singapore 258403
Free Admission
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Dates open for visit:
26 Feb, 10.30am
21 Mar, 10.30am
23 Apr, 10.30am

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The British High Commission invited artist Chloe Manasseh (born in London in 1990) to present a series of works inspired by Eden Hall, the historical bungalow where her grandfather was born, which is today the residence of the High Commissioner.

"Taking inspiration from the intricate patterns found within Eden Hall, the natural landscape of Singapore and the wilds of my imagination, my work reflects on how we inhabit space through visual identity. I am interested in the imprecision of memory and the process by which imagination can intrude on physical space, influencing how people establish a connection to it."

In partnership with the British Council and British High Commission

Photo: Image courtesy of British Council