State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time

State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time

10 January – 2 February 2020
National Archives of Singapore
Central Warehouse, 20 Depot Lane
Opens daily 3pm–9pm
Closed on 24–27 January 2020
Free Admission

State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time

Set against the newly reopened National Archives of Singapore as one of its exhibition sites, State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time reflects on the relations between ideas of time, bodies of memory and the moving image. From site-specific installations to live performances, the featured artworks will look into ways in which artists act as living mediums to gather and animate personal and collective histories.

Parallel to the exhibition, there will be tours, talks and an exciting film programme that explores the repositories and the possibilities of the archival.

Curated by Cheong Kah Kit, Selene Yap and Tan Guo-Liang.

Animating Surfaces
The Warehouse, 20 Depot Lane
11 January, 5.30pm–6.30pm
Tada Hengsapkul and Sonya Lacey will discuss with co-curator Tan Guo-Liang about their artistic practices and how they deal with found narratives and materials through abstraction and animation.

A Window into Performance Art History: SAAP Open Studio
National Archives of Singapore
18 January, 1.30pm–2.30pm
Koh Nguang How and co-curators Cheong Kah Kit and Selene Yap come together for a conversation about Koh's involvement and activities around the documentation and narration of Singapore's performance art history through the Singapore Art Archive Project (SAAP).

Order and Disorder: Cinema and the Archive
National Archives of Singapore
1 February, 1.30pm–2.30pm
Speaking from institutional and artistic positions, Nguyễn Trinh Thi, Toh Hun Ping and AFA film programmer Thong Kay Wee will share their views on archiving and activating the filmic, and how these processes are capable of generating alternative histories. The discussion will be moderated by researcher/writer Cheng Jia Yun.

Giving Manna to the Ghosts – A Performance Lecture
The Warehouse, 20 Depot Lane
1 February, 5.30pm–6.30pm
The performance lecture is a continued response to the Eurasian folk stories explored in Saudade. Through a reconstruction of three short tales, Russell Morton will re-examine stories passed down to him from his family.

Topography of Breath
The Warehouse, 20 Depot Lane
12, 19 January, 5.30pm–6pm
2 February, 5.30pm–6.30pm
Catch Pat Toh's new performative work for the exhibition. The final session on 2 February will include a post-performance discussion with performing artist and theatre practitioner Noor Effendy Ibrahim where the two will exchange insights focused on the use of the body in performance making.

All talks and performances are free with registration.

Lab Tours
National Archives of Singapore
11, 18 January 12pm–1pm
1 February, 1pm–2pm
Free with registration (12 pax per tour)
Led by archive staff, the tour provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the labs and preservation processes at the National Archives of Singapore.

Curator's Tour
1. National Archives of Singapore (Starting Point)
2. The Warehouse, 20 Depot Lane
11, 12, 18, 19 January | 1, 2 February
Sat and Sun 3pm–6pm
$10 (20 pax per tour) Includes shuttle bus and return trip
Led by exhibition curators Cheong Kah Kit, Selene Yap or Tan Guo-Liang, the tour takes you through the curatorial narrative, artworks, and provides personal insights into the making of the exhibition for State of Motion 2020: Rushes of Time.

Image courtesy of Asian Film Archive
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