Singapore Ceramics Now 2021: Marking | Making

Singapore Ceramics Now 2021: Marking | Making

20 January – 13 February 2021
Gillman Barracks, Blk 7, #01-13 (go to Google maps)
Daily, 10am – 7.30pm
Free Admission

Singapore Ceramics Now 2021: Marking | Making

One of the largest surveys of ceramic art in local art history since the 90s, this exhibition focuses on contemporary ceramics made by Singapore-based artists. While the practice of ceramics commonly falls under the radar in art institutions and fairs, by presenting an overview of the current state of ceramics practices in Singapore, the exhibition expands one’s understanding of the clay medium beyond the realm of pottery. There will be a line-up of engaging and immersive programmes with artists in conversation, live demonstrations, audience participatory performances as well as experimental sound performances. Creating a space for exchange and conversation around the knowledge and history of ceramics practices in Singapore, the exhibition demystifies the craft behind this art form. This exhibition is organised by Jason Lim and curated by SEED Art Space.

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Singapore Ceramics Now - Marking I Making, Gallery view, 2021. Image courtesy of Bernard Teo (Istoria Co-op).

Curator Led Tours

23 & 31 January 2021, 11am – 12pm

Join Singapore Ceramics Now 2021: Marking I Making curatorial team SEED Art Space for a participative exhibition tour, where they delve into three broad themes: the urban and natural environments, identity and memory, and community and performance that galvanised the captivating works. Dive into the exhibition’s interactive elements, and gain insight into how artistic processes often navigate notions of concept, aesthetics, materiality, and method.

Artists in Conversation Session 1 - Ceramics Reimagined

23 January 2021, 5.30pm – 7pm, Online via Zoom

Jason Lim
Madhvi Subrahmanian
Foo Ai Wei

Moderator: Christine Han 

The Ceramics Reimagined artist conversation looks at the thought-provoking, exploratory works of Jason Lim, Madhvi Subrahmanian, and Aiwei Foo, which prompts questions about the criss-crossing between traditions and contemporary art, and the need for critical dialogue around clay as an art medium.

Artists in Conversation 2 - Ceramics Education: apprenticeship vs. classroom

24 January 2021, 5.30pm – 7pm, Online via Zoom

Jason Lim
Nelson Lim
Hans Chew

Moderator: Lourdes Samson 

With the disappearance of ceramic programs in Singapore's art schools are artists provided with enough foundation to pursue an artistic practice in ceramics? Is apprenticeship still a relevant way to impart knowledge and skills in ceramics?

Artists in Conversation 3 - Identity and Memory: Collective and personal histories in contemporary ceramics

30 January 2021, 4.30pm – 6pm, Online via Zoom

Delia Prvacki
Kerry Jameson S
Shane Ng

Moderator: Ivy Lam 

In today's global society, do ceramics still embody a particular culture and history? Is there a "Singapore" style of ceramics and how would artists characterize it? How does ceramic art represent the personal and collective histories and memories of the artists who create them?

Artists in Conversation Session 4 - Vessels

31 January 2021, 4.30pm – 6pm, Online via Zoom

Chua Soo Kim
Steven Low
Daisy Toh

Moderator: Christine Han 

Ceramic vessels have the ability to engage the tactile senses and thereby communicate directly with the hand. Artists who work in clay enjoy the medium's versatility and challenges. Each, whether making vessel-related or sculptural forms, works within the limitations of the medium and grapples with practical issues of clay body selection, the concocting of glazes and slips, and the method of firing. The Vessels artist conversation explores the three-dimensional forms and everyday objects of Chua Soo Kim, Steven Low and Daisy Toh, and their inspiration and experiences through movement, colour, form and music.

Performance | Shaman Tearoom - AiWei Foo & Kent Lee

23 – 24 January 2021, 1pm – 1.45pm & 2.30pm – 3.15pm, Online via Zoom

The idea of Shaman Tearoom is to propose a concept to rest and be still in the midst of this busy urban living. It is an experiential project where tea drinking is an improvisational act for the artists to interact with the audience. It seeks to blur the boundary of art and life where the roles of the artists and participants are equally important in completing the session.


Performance | Empty Vessels - The Observatory

30 – 31 January 2021, 7.30pm

This work marks The Observatory’s sojourn into the world of ceramics. In their maiden attempt to marry structure and sound. The band experimented with different types of clay, varying its thicknesses and forming shapes that would produce sound. After a laborious journey through informed explorations, they arrived back at the basics – raw, blemished and unembellished. And it is in basics that the infinite unravels.

Artist Demonstration | Steven Low

23 January 2021, 4pm – 5pm

Steven has more than 28 years of ceramics experience in conducting workshops and masterclasses. Let his mastery take you through the captivating process of working on the potter’s wheel.

Artist Demonstration | Ahmad Abu Bakar

24 January 2021, 4pm – 5pm

Ahmad has more than 30 years of ceramics experience in conducting workshops and masterclasses. Let his mastery take you through the engrossing process of working on the potter’s wheel.

Artist Demonstration | Nelson Lim

30 January 2021, 1pm – 2pm 

Nelson is relentless in his quest to improve and acquire new knowledge in the field of ceramics. Let his tireless work attitude take you through the engaging process of hand-building and casting techniques.

Artist Demonstration | Lim Kim Hui

30 January 2021, 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Kim Hui has more than 40 years of ceramics experience in conducting workshops and masterclasses. Let his mastery take you through the fascinating process of working on the potter’s wheel.

Artist Demonstration | Shane Ng

31 January 2021, 1pm – 2pm 

Shane explores the structural balance and disposition of objects in the form of assemblage. Let his playfulness take you through the mesmerizing process of working on the potter’s wheel.

Artist Demonstration | Jason Lim

31 January 2021, 2.30pm – 3.30pm 

Jason has more than 30 years of experience as a clay maker. Let his mastery take you through the riveting process of hand-building techniques in ceramics.

Raku Firing Demonstration

5 Februrary 2021, 3pm – 7.30pm 

Dating right back to the early 16th Century, this firing technique has been used to create ceremonial tea wares for Zen Buddhist Masters. This preferred finishing technique touches on many aspects of Zen philosophy. In essence, Raku is the process where pots are taken out from the kiln while still glowing red hot and are then placed in an extremely flammable material. This starves the pots of oxygen and gives the glaze a wonderful variety of colours. It is an incredibly exciting technique that generates much anticipation after each firing, considering the many different possibilities. Come and witness this magical and transformative ceramics experience.

Richard Koh Fine Art, 47 Malan Road, #01-26
16 January – 6 February 2021
Richard Koh Fine Art is proud to present Ash Ghazali’s solo exhibition. Ghazali’s series of ‘Cut Paintings’ combines geometric abstraction with traditional fabrics from ethic Malay garbs.
Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Road, #01-22
22 – 30 January 2021
The orchid; the wasp is a visual arts exhibition that follows the proposition of becoming, which is understood as the possibility for diversity, multiplicity and change. It is about forming alliances between artistic identities, seeing them as subjective beings with the potential to interchange or become something else through a unique symbiosis.
Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 5 Lock Road, #01-05
21 January – 28 February 2021
Sundaram Tagore is pleased to announce that Hiroshi Senju has just completed a dynamic series of Waterfall paintings, his first since 2015. The exhibition features waterfalls in Senju’s iconic black-and-white palette, as well as in red and blue, both dark and bright. A specially curated selection of these pieces will be on show during the Singapore Art Week 2021.
Gillman Barracks, 22 Lock Road, #01-33
19 – 31 January 2021
Inner Like The OutAR is an art installation that uses augmented reality to bring you closer to the magic of nature. Immerse in psychotropic digital environments created by Reza Hasni and Siah Tiong Hong amongst set design by Tina Fung (Space Objekt) and sound design by Intriguant. The experience is curated by Tulika Ahuja (MAMA MAGNET).