Seeing Art Through Play

Seeing Art Through Play

26 – 27 January 2019
Admission Fees Apply

Seeing Art Through Play

Camera Obscura!
26 and 27 January, 11am–1pm
Recommended for ages 7 to 12

How might we look at our surroundings differently?

Come build your very own portable camera with everyday materials and explore creating a camera obscura experience! Learn how a camera works and the role the lens plays in photography – from constructing the camera, controlling the focus, to visualising and understanding how images are formed on the lens. Observe the effects of a 3D image being projected on a 2D surface, as well as the movements being recorded with the camera obscura acting as a "camera" and the screen resembling a "photograph".

From taking notice of interesting architectural accents to observing pedestrian passageways, come see the world in a different light. You even get to take your camera home! 

Press & Pull a Cloud
26 and 27 January, 2.30pm–3.30pm, 4pm–5pm
Recommended for ages 5 to 10

What are some other ways you can think of to experience art? Is art present in your everyday surroundings? When you look to the sky, do you spot different shapes in the clouds?

In this fun and interactive workshop, come try your hand at making your own abstract shapes with simple everyday materials like string and paint, and marvel at the endless possibilities you can create! After you are done, take a look at the shapes and colour and add on some finishing touches to recreate something brand new, be it an animal or insect or anything up to your imagination! Come up with as many different creations as you want in this exciting workshop, exclusively open to public for Singapore Art Week!

Image courtesy of Dr. Isabelle Desjeux