[SAW Dialogues] Team Work Makes the Dream Work: The Rise of Artist Collectives

[SAW Dialogues] Team Work Makes the Dream Work: The Rise of Artist Collectives

22 January 2022
Gillman Barracks, Block 47 Malan Rd, Singapore 109444 & Streaming Live via SAW Digital
4:30 pm - 6 pm
Free Admission

[SAW Dialogues] Team Work Makes the Dream Work: The Rise of Artist Collectives

Why have artists become increasingly drawn to creating collectives What does working in a group offer to its members, and how is an artist collective’s success measured by themselves and others? We consider how these teams gain strength in numbers and work towards common goals.

This talk is both streaming live on SAW Digital & happening physically at Gillman Barracks Block 47. For the physical talk, please register for a free ticket here.

Gesyada Siregar is a curator, writer and art organiser who lives and works in Depok and Jakarta. She is the Subject Coordinator for Articulation & Curation at GUDSKUL: Contemporary Art Collectives and Ecosystem Studies, an art educational platform founded by Grafis Huru Hara, Serrum and ruangrupa in 2018. Her works explore archives, astrology, experiential storytelling, games, media and public programming as an art pedagogical module.

Hilary Yeo is an artist and writer who is interested in new modes of articulation for the agentic formation of the physical and social self across vectors of gender, sexuality, race, class and culture. Hilary is a part of the collective ‘Pure Ever’, an alliance of people whose goal is an aspiration to find commonality and col-lective foresight through nuanced and intense forms of art making; one that hopefully occupies a more generous spirit of collaboration, creativity, networking, and solidarity-making. 

Rifqi Amirul Rosli is an artist in Singapore whose works often deals with the in-between of things: states of suspension, transition, liminality. He probes into the construction of personal boundaries and speculative states that defines one’s purpose and sentimentality towards a place. He has  taken part in exhibitions such as ‘an edifice w/o’ (Objectifs, 2020), ‘The Fabric of Sympathy’ (ICAS, 2020) ‘Nyanyi Sunyi’ (Gillman Barracks, 2018), ‘4D: Not Another Dimension’ (ISLANDS Peninsula, 2019).

Soh Kay Min is a writer and curator whose practice weaves between the interstices of semiotics, theory, and fiction, towards emergent modes other-worlding through queering and reorganising. Recent curatorial engagements include ‘Inventory: Reconsidering Curatorial Practice’ (2021) and the 17th Istanbul Biennial (2022), which reimagines the biennial as a site of compost. In 2018, Kay Min and Wayne co-initiated ‘AWKNDAFFR’, which recently produced the  anthology ‘Can, Cannot, and Other Options: Between Defiance  and Desire, Towards Fuller Lives’ (2021).

Wayne Lim is a visual art practitioner who makes psycho-sensorial works relating to the everyday, and is fascinated by the  arrangement of the logics of aesthetics, economy, and ideology. He has exhibited in Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore and the UK. He has also participated in residencies in Chiangmai, Thailand (2012), Istanbul, Turkey (2015), Biella, Italy  (2016), Romainmôtier, Switzerland (2017), and Singapore (2021).
Woong Soak Teng manages content on the A&M website and social media platforms, where she hopes to share her love for art and highlight the diverse art practices in the region through the platform. An art practitioner exploring the endless possibilities of image-making, her works examine human tendencies to control natural phenomena and nature at large, and have been presented in Amsterdam, Auckland, Copenhagen, Greece, Tokyo, Oslo, Shanghai and Singapore. She is one of three members of artist collective DASSAD.

Co-Presented with Art & Market
Gillman Barracks, Block 47 Malan Rd, Singapore 109444 & Streaming Live via SAW Digital
16 January 2022
During the extended lockdowns, many art practitioners turned to archiving to make good use of the unexpected downtime. We hear from archivists about the pleasures and pains of the archiving process, and the lessons they have learnt to make the endeavour as seamless as possible.