6 – 15 January 2023
Lasalle College of the Arts, McNally Campus (go to Google maps)
1 - 8pm
Free Admission


S23 is a site-specific work that carves out an informal space of rest, congregation and interaction with artists. A play on 'S-11', an old-school kopitiam previously located near the old National Library and The Substation, S23 draws upon the essence of kopitiams as a way to explore the cultural and social functions of such communal spots in a historical arts enclave like Rochor and Bugis. Using LASALLE's amphitheatre to curate and re-create a public area where artists and art-goers used to frequent, relationships between people are kept non-hierarchical and strangers can become friends by chance.

Credits: The Artist Village, S23, 2023. Image courtesy of Bridget Tay.

Artists: Bridget Tay, C.O.O.E, Dr Foo, Dylan Chan, Eve Tan, Gilles Massot, Isabelle Desjeux, JaiRa, Liana Yang, Lina Adam, Veronyka Lau, Smiha Kapoor, Choice Cuts (Drem and Arms1), Naazsedilix, Arif Ayab (Reef), Circuitrip

Education Partner: LASALLE College Of The Arts

Facilitated co-creation with Utensil Rule Book

6-15 Jan, 4 pm

Lepak with artists - Tea Time

7.  13, 14 Jan, 3 pm

Lina Adam: "Culinary History Singapore Performance Art'

7 Jan, 7:30 pm

A performative piece where the artist will serve 10 courses of dishes using ingredients referenced from Singapore's performance history over the span of the last 20 years.

Eve Tan: "Non Essential Worker"

7 Jan, 7:30 pm
10, 11  Jan, 8 pm
13 Jan, 7pm

A body of work that the artist has been delving in since the pandemic. In this work, the artist will perform alongside other performances taking place at S23. 

JaiRa (Jireh Koh) and Dr Foo

10 Jan, 7pm

A collaborative  performance piece that creates a ambient soundscape that uses live digital and analogue instruments.

Isabelle Desjeux: "Wild Bread"

10 Jan, 8 pm

A performative lecture that uses grains to explore and question our modern connection, disconnection and reconnection with agriculture.

C.O.O.E: "The Ondeh-ondeh" and "Sharing the layers of Kek Lapis Limau Purut"

11 Jan. 8 pm

The performance lectures “The Ondeh-ondeh" and “Sharing the layers of Kek Lapis Limau Purut”, facilitate a discourse over using food as a defamiliarised yet holistic narrative while sharing historical and cultural exchanges.

Choice Cuts

12 Jan, 3 - 5/6 pm

Naaz and Circuitrip: Collaborative Set

12 Jan, 7 pm

A collaborative sound art performance piece where they explore connections through the use of sound as conversation.

Jemput Makan!

13, 14 Jan, 11:30 am

Liana Yang: "“Love in the mood of Inflation - Your friday night date with Liana Yang”

13 Jan, 7 pm

A performative workshop where the artist touches on relationships. Participants will create their Love meal in this workshop.

This event is ticketed.

Gilles Massot: "Kopi or Teh, That is the question"

14 Jan, 7 pm

An online digital-physical presentation that will be live streamed. Exploring the notion of the Singaporean coffee shop, a physical on site activation will take place, allowing participants to combine an experience of a digital presentation as well as a physical performative act.

Lunch with us

15 Jan, 1 pm

Veronyka Lau & Smiha Kapoor: "Utensil Rule Book"

15 Jan,  5 pm

A durational performance that investigates utensils as cultural fossils and wayfinders for an imagine future in a participatory performance.

Sound Art Presentation: Naaz, Reef, Circuitrip

15 Jan, 7:30 - 8:30/9 pm

Blackbox and Rehearsal studio, 42 Waterloo Street
7 – 15 January 2023
Themed 'Just In Time', the second edition of Islands Time-Based Art Festival (ITBA) calls on 20 invited artists for immediate and urgent responses contesting the sense of time in motion.