Artist Tour of Roadside Rojak, with Kavita Issar Batra

Artist Tour of Roadside Rojak, with Kavita Issar Batra

12 – 18 January 2020
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Free Admission

Artist Tour of Roadside Rojak, with Kavita Issar Batra

The artist tour of Kavita’s exhibition will provide insights into her process of creating and composing images on her morning walks. The tour will consist of a 1–2km stroll between two exhibition sites. Come and learn from Kavita and see how you can be a budding artist with just the use of your mobile phone!

Roadside Rojak follows on from her previous exhibition Another Life held at Singapore Botanic Gardens in May 2017 and in February 2018. It features a new set of photographs taken on her morning walks in and around the vicinity of the Gardens. This has been a daily journey for the past seven years of walking, seeing, and sharing, no matter where she may be traveling. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to Kavita, there is incredible poetry on the pavements and roadsides. Each image is as found, she does not manipulate or arrange the compositions. Nothing is plucked, no photoshopping or filters are used and all images are taken with an iPhone to preserve the spontaneity.  

This series presents a mix of literal organic detritus, some rather abstract images while others capture the play of light and shadow presenting alternative ways of ‘seeing’. By slowing down our busy pace of ‘life’, becoming more aware of our surroundings, observing natural processes around us, we can all become more mindful about our own way of living, how we treat other inhabitants of this planet we call ‘ours’ and nurture rather than negate the Earth that sustains us all. Appreciating the little things that make up our environment hopefully will make us more caring towards the world around us and our fellow inhabitants.  

Prior registration is not required. Interested tour attendees should gather at the indicated meeting point 10–15 minutes before the tour commences. Please refer to the website for a picture of the exact locations for each date.

Date and Time
12 January, 8.30am–10am
Meeting Point: Bukit Timah Gate (Botanic Gardens MRT Exit A)

18 January, 8.30am–10am
Meeting Point: Tanglin Gate (Botany Centre Visitor Services Counter)

Kavita conducting tours of her exhibition at the People's Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist
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