Resituating Home(making): Hyper-Material Domesticity

Resituating Home(making): Hyper-Material Domesticity

23 – 30 January 2021
Cuturi Gallery, 65 Aliwal Street (go to Google maps)
Tues – Sat, 12pm – 8pm
Sun, 12pm – 6pm
Closed on Mon
Free Admission

Resituating Home(making): Hyper-Material Domesticity

This exhibition centers itself around domesticity, craft and the feminine, working beyond the artifice of the art-versus-craft hierarchy. Four artists, Amirah Raudhah, Dipali Gupta, Fatima Bano, and Masuri Mazlan will present works looking at the domestic realm as a means of elevated expression. The exhibition features a range of artworks from paintings, sculptures, new media, and installation art. Tapping into relational aesthetics, the artists will also conduct workshops throughout the exhibition on various craft-making techniques. Through the performative nature of these workshops, participants are invited to contemplate the visual language at the core of the domestic sphere.

Resituating Home(making): Hyper-Material Domesticity is organised by Tekad Kolektif, a non-profit art initiative that facilitates artistic collaboration between young art talents and independent artists to inspire new critical insights in their art-making as well as to foster self-development through critique sessions. Tekad Kolektif was established in 2019, with its inaugural exhibition Of Spaces and Phases, debuting in 2020.

Dipali Gupta, Moving Still Life (Her Pleasure Series 1.1), 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Let's Bedazzle the Cake! by Masuri Mazlan

24 & 30 January 2021, 11am - 12pm

Adopting a methodology that pays homage to the techniques seen in confectionery goods and craft making, artist Masuri Mazlan will lead a workshop on cake decorating. The repetitive actions are quietly therapeutic yet labour-intensive, mirroring the dedication behind the production of confectionery goods. Each layer evokes the palimpsest quality of time, and how things eventually manifest on the surface. Join the artist and receive a cake of your own to decorate! Register here!

From Pigment to Colour by Fatima Bano

24 & 30 January 2021, 6pm - 7pm

Led by artist Fatima Bano, you will learn to create robust colour from flowers and ingredients you would typically use in your favourite dishes. This workshop is for anyone looking to create and experiment with natural dyes. Every participant will receive a silk scarf and tote bag to work with and bring home. Additionally, you can bring your own pre-washed garment or textile to dye. Register here!

An Array of Flowers by Amirah Raudhah

24 & 30 January 2021, 7pm - 8pm

An Array of Flowers aims to bring a community of flower arranging enthusiasts together to celebrate this art form using the kits that are distributed. Participants are welcomed to add in elements of their choice to enhance their arrangements to their liking. We fully encourage participants to follow their own creativity in fixing the flowers to their own styles, with a vision in mind on how these arrangements will enhance their claimed space, be it the domestic areas in the house or gifting it to the dear beloved. Participants could also work with a partner, to inspire conversations and share experiences. Register here!

Artists-Led Talk

23 January 2021, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Curator-Led Tour

23 & 30 January 2021, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Singapore Calligraphy Centre 新加坡书法中心, 48 Waterloo Street
22 – 27 January 2021
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