Pneuma: Of Spirituality in Contemporary Age

Pneuma: Of Spirituality in Contemporary Age

11 January – 6 February 2020
Stamford Arts Centre
Free Admission

Pneuma: Of Spirituality in Contemporary Age

Pneuma: Of Spirituality in Contemporary Age is an attempt on a visual symposium using art as a creative medium and the framework of an exhibition as a catalyst for further discourse in the current state of global flux. Here, the global flux refers to the rapid advancement of our human convenience; a mundane flow of time that negates our much needed spiritual growth.

In this group exhibition, six artists Ila, Nhawfal Juma’at, Huijun Lu, Noor Iskandar, Fajrina Razak and Dzaki Safaruan are gathered to provide a multi-faceted view of an individual’s metaphysical perspective qua spiritual journey; a human effort to build a perennial ground as a basis for understanding differences and nuances. For there are shapes, lines and colours in Pneuma: Of Spirituality in a Contemporary Age, that symbolises deep meanings so ancient that it resonates even if our consciousness has no awareness of it.

Pneuma: Of Spirituality in Contemporary Age is a project supported by Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD).

Room #01-05

Audio-visual Performance by ila and Bani Haykal
12 January, 2.30pm

Art Talk: Conversation on An Individual’s Point of Departure for Spiritual Growth by Dzaki Safaruan, ila and Nhawfal Juma’at
Moderated by Zulkhairi Zulkiflee

12 January, 4pm

Poetry recital performance by Noor Iskandar in collaboration with The Its
18 January, 2.30pm

Art Talk: Notions of Spirituality in Contemporary Age by Huijun Lu, Noor Iskandar and Fajrina Razak
Moderated by Zulkhairi Zulkiflee

18 January, 3.30pm

Artists Workshop by Noor Iskandar and Fajrina Razak
19 January, 1.30pm–3.30pm

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Membrane / Portal, Huijun Lu. Image courtesy of the artist

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