Otherworlds: non/digital realities

Otherworlds: non/digital realities

28 – 31 January 2021
Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, #03-21 (go to Google maps)
28 Jan, 7pm – 10pm
29, 30 Jan, 12pm – 9pm
31 Jan, 12pm – 7pm
Free Admission

Otherworlds: non/digital realities

Otherworlds: non/digital realities is a mixed-reality exhibition responding to the new challenges faced by the art world, where the usual mode of presenting and viewing art is disturbed by the recent global situation. Through the incorporation of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, artists, cultural practitioners and computer engineers collectively experiment with new ways to create, collaborate and experience artworks in the face of this new reality.

As suggested by the title, "Otherworlds" opens up many aspects of realities made possible by technology. Beyond a simulation of the physical reality, the VR session within this exhibition is an expansion of the physical realm, adding new perspectives and meanings to artistic concepts. Eight artists each develop an artistic vision to be completed and experienced in both physical and VR settings, combining their own art practices with aspects of VR immersion and interactivity.

In collaboration with Altermodernists, the artists include Debbie Ding, Urich Lau, Yeo Shih Yun and Yeoh Wee Hwee from Singapore, and Gabriel Leung, Elaine Wong, Ivy Yuen and Yim Sui Fong from Hong Kong. This exhibition is curated by Hilda Chan, with its VR component realised by art and technology collective, Dude Studios.

Image courtesy of The Press Room.

Curator’s Walkthrough – Physical Exhibition

28 January 2021, 8pm, 9 Lock Road, #03-21

Curator’s Walkthrough – VR Exhibition

29 January 2021, 8pm – 9pm, Google Meets

Curator of Otherworlds, Hilda Chan will conduct a walkthrough via Google Meets in the exhibition.

Online Panel Discussion – 'Post-COVID art world, closer at home or more connected?'

30 January 2021, 2pm – 4pm, Google Meets

Panel discussion moderated by curator, Jennifer K.Y. Lam. Panel will feature Eugene Soh (SG), Chiara Passa (IT) and all artists and curator.
The panel discussion will talk about the changes in the art world post-COVID–19. It will be moderated by Assistant Curator, National Gallery Singapore, Jennifer K.Y. Lam and will be in attendance by the artists and curator, Ms Hilda Chan, of Otherworlds. The panel will also feature collaborator, Eugene Soh of DUDE.SG, and VR artist Chiara Passa from Rome.

Online Workshop by Debbie Ding – 360º Painting

31 January 2021, 3pm – 4pm, Google Meets

Artist Debbie Ding will be hosting a 360º Painting workshop via Google Meets.

Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Road, #01-22
22 – 30 January 2021
The orchid; the wasp is a visual arts exhibition that follows the proposition of becoming, which is understood as the possibility for diversity, multiplicity and change. It is about forming alliances between artistic identities, seeing them as subjective beings with the potential to interchange or become something else through a unique symbiosis.