21 January – 18 February 2021
DECK, 120A Prinsep Street (go to Google maps)
Tues – Sat, 12pm – 7pm
Sun, 12pm – 5pm
Closed on Mon & PH
Free Admission


Expanded cinema isn't a movie at all: like life it's a process of becoming, man's ongoing historical drive to manifest his consciousness outside of his mind, in front of his eyes.
- Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema (1970)

An exploration of the entanglements between reality, representation, and discourse, facilitated by the moving image, ON/OFF/SCREEN situates the screen, the ubiquitous and contemporary mode of communication and transmission, as both a site of inquiry and departure.

Contemplating the porosity and possibilities of an expanded cinematic practice in contemporary image-making, this exhibitions features works from artists whose inter-disciplinary practices blur the formal and conceptual boundaries between performance, new media, and the moving image.

The eight featured artists are Piyarat Piyapongwiwat, Xi Jie Ng, Lynette Quek, ila, Ashley Hi, Huijun Lu, Farizi Noorfauzi, and Jevon Chandra.

ON/OFF/SCREEN is curated by the Moving Picture Experiment Group (MPEG), an experimental art and curatorial collective comprising Alfonse Chiu, Adar Ng, and Dave Lim.

Image courtesy of Alfonse Chiu and Moving Picture Experiment Group.

[Reading Group] *ASYNC Reading Group

From January 2021 

Led by curator Alfonse Chiu, this reading group takes the exhibition ON/OFF/SCREEN as a locus of inquiry to explore some histories, methods, and theories surrounding the construction of discourses loosely defined in terms such as new media, screen culture, and expanded cinema. Designed to occur asynchronously, confirmed participants will have access to readings, guiding concerns, and provocations; responses and reflections are actively welcome and will form a constellation of community-driven content to be exhibited in an augmented form virtually throughout the year.


[Opening Performance] Farizi Noorfauzi: Prostration within a mediated assembly

21 January 2021, 7pm - 7:45pm, Live at DECK

Join us in witnessing artist Farizi Noorfauzi's performance activation of his installation Prostration within a mediated assembly as part of the opening programme of ON/OFF/SCREEN. Drawing on the gestural lexicon of spiritual practices, this work reflects on the multitude of manifestations of the lens as an arbitrator of public-ness in the performance of faith.

[Curator Tour] DECK Trek with MPEG

22 January & 7 February 2021, 3pm - 3:45pm, Live at DECK

Join the curators of ON/OFF/SCREEN, Alfonse Chiu, Dave Lim, and Adar Ng of art collective MPEG, in an exclusive exhibition tour as they share more about the curatorial ideas and working processes behind the exhibition, research findings on the moving image and the screen in contemporary visual culture, and reflections on the current artistic landscape at large.


[Performance] Lynette Quek: re: -act

24 January & 7 February 2021, 4pm – 4:45pm, Live at DECK

Join artist Lynette Quek as she activates the space of her installation re: -act in a live art jamming session with collaborator and dancer Kwek Yi Xuan that combines light, music, and performance into one phantasmagoric experience.


[Film Programme] ON/OFF/SCREENING: Works from Emerging Moving-Image-Makers

30 January 2021, 7:30pm – 8:45pm, Live at DECK
30 January 2021 – 1 February 2021 (48H Premiere)

Featuring a selection of experimental films by local students and recent graduates, ON/OFF/SCREENING is a one night only showcase of new voices working with/in the medium of the moving image. From thoughtful explorations of personal identity to a study on cultural traditions and their rituals, from experimentations in reworking the concept of an image to a 360° horror short film, this programme demonstrates the creative possibilities of the moving image as interpreted by emerging practitioners.

The programme features:
1. Samsara (dir. Jaya Khidir)
2. Fever Dream (dir. Vanoha Chiam)
3. Now is When (Tanah Air Suci Kami) (dir. Syahrul Anuar)
4. 年年有 (Nian Nian You) (dir. Jana Tay)
5. Analogue is Dead (dir. Jake Tan)
6. Osmosis in Infiniteye (dir. Matthias Choo)
7. I tried hard to remember but I can't (dir. Athirah Annissa)
8. All Around You (dir. Crystal Low)

Please note that this programme will feature a live Q&A session with artists Syharul Anuar and Jana Tay at the end of the screening.

Films will be made available online for 48 hours after the on-site screening.


[Workshop] Jevon Chandra: Light Gets In

30 January & 13 February 2021, 9am – 12pm, Starts at DECK

What do you wish to see on the horizon?

Join artist Jevon Chandra in a one-on-one workshop as he explores ideas of distance, sighting, and traversal. In this performance-workshop, the artist accompanies one participant at a time on a field trip to locate an “ideal" vantage point, from which participants can "see” a distant locale of their choosing. What might it take to realise this vision into being; and what may arise from this (futile) exercise?"

This event involves walking. Comfortable footwear is advised.

This event requires some preparation taking between 15 to 30 minutes, which should be completed no later than 3 days before the event.
The length of the activity is dependent on both the artist and the participant. As a gauge, past sessions have ranged between 1.5 hours to as long as 9 hours.

If you wish to participate but share concerns regarding access, please do not hesitate to contact movingpictureexperimentgroup@gmail.com

Further details to be furnished upon registration.


[Public Lecture] Offscreen with Ho Tzu Nyen

3 Februrary 2021, 7.30pm - 8.30pm, Live at DECK

Join us in a guest lecture by artist-curator Ho Tzu Nyen as he shares more about his practice as both artist and curator, working with/in a variety of contexts and modalities of the moving image. Well known for projects that blur the lines of media in a variety of spaces, this presentation will delve into Tzu Nyen's approaches to creating and threading connections between form and content, and meditations on the future of moving images and the screen.

Moderated by curator Alfonse Chiu.


[Workshop] ila & Salty Xi Jie Ng: your room inside my room inside yours and mine

6 February 2021, 3pm – 4:30pm, Live at DECK

Join artists ila & Salty Xi Jie Ng in an intimate performative workshop as they explore some ideas of memories, mortality, lineage, embodied knowledge in objects, as well as personal and collective mythologies found in their joint work your room inside my room inside yours and mine.

What can embodied knowledge carried within personally historical objects teach us about our relationship with memory and mortality?

How are these objects residues within personal and collective mythologies?

What is the relationship between time, speculation and agency?

Studying lineage through personal and collective histories, this room space reflects on familial oral history across time, inviting visitors to inhabit an energetic space of constellational objects within a cosmos of interweaving recollection and forgetfulness. A performance posits live bodies as memory vessels that carry generational narratives. The room space creates several openings to experience the energy body for speculative familial past and futures thriving beyond linearity.

The workshop would be structured in the following sequence:

1. Performance by the artists
2. Closed group sharing of memories and objects by the participants
3. Reflection and discussion of the workshop materials

*Please note that the performance may involve partial nudity, viewer discretion is advised. Rating TBC.


Cuturi Gallery, 65 Aliwal Street
23 – 30 January 2021
This exhibition centers itself around domesticity, craft and the feminine, working beyond the artifice of the art-versus-craft hierarchy. Four artists, Amirah Raudhah, Dipali Gupta, Fatima Bano, and Masuri Mazlan will present works looking at the domestic realm as a means of elevated expression.