North-South Line

North-South Line

15 – 22 January 2022
Esplanade Forecourt (go to Google maps)
Free Admission

North-South Line

Presented by La Tristesse Opera, North-South Line is an exploratory performance art event. The performances, Struggle No.1, held on 15 Jan 2022 and Struggle No. 2, held on 22 Jan 2022 will be based on the idea of an impermeable void and individuals sealed in their silos. Led by La Tristesse Opera’s Tang Da Wu, a group of artists will be accompanied by musicians. The performance art events will be conducted in a sculptural installation at Esplanade.

A performance art workshop will also be conducted in Goodman Arts Centre. The title plays with the mandarin translation of North-South Line is ordinarily spelled as 南北线 (Nánběi xiàn), this event transforms the name into 南北限 , North-South Limit (Nánběi xiàn).
Image courtesy of La Tristesse Opera

Why Performance? (Workshop)

16 Jan & 19 Jan, 7:30pm-9pm at Goodman Arts Centre

Struggle No. 1 (Opening Performance)

15 Jan, 7:30 at Esplanade Forecourt

Struggle No. 2 (Closing Performance)

22 Jan, 7:30pm at Esplanade Forecourt