Life and State in Nature 《形 • 似》

Life and State in Nature 《形 • 似》

6 – 20 January 2023
Y2ARTS Gallery, 211 Henderson Rd, #01-01A, Singapore 159552 (go to Google maps)
Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 6:30pm
Free Admission

Life and State in Nature 《形 • 似》

In line with the Singapore Art Week 2023, Y2ARTS is proud to present Life and State in Nature, a solo exhibition by our multi award-winning artist Tan Suz Chiang.

A new series of watercolour works depicting nature and time will be shown in this solo exhibition, it is interesting to note the development of his very own expressionistic style. Over the years, Suz Chiang’s strokes have gained energy and momentum, revealing his strong inclination towards spontaneity. Yet, it is impossible to miss the thoughtful void in his works. 

A modus operandi of his, the absence strategically placed suggests an even stronger presence within his compositions.

Never quite in pursuit of trends, Suz Chiang’s art reaches out to our tender emotions, that are so universally shared that they transcend time and other boundaries.

Image courtesy of Y2ARTS.

Artists: Tan Suz Chiang
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