Let's Play Ball! - Art That Fits in Your Palm

Let's Play Ball! - Art That Fits in Your Palm

6 – 22 January 2023
Knuckles & Notch / Chaos Gallery (go to Google maps)
12pm – 7pm
Closed on Mondays
Free Admission

Let's Play Ball! - Art That Fits in Your Palm

Let's Play Ball! - Art That Fits in Your Palm is an interactive visual arts programme designed by Knuckles & Notch to revitalise the Gachapon capsule vending machine with a fresh twist. Instead of dispensing familiar miniature toy figurines, the capsule vending machine will release limited edition artist objects and collectibles designed and created by 10 established visual artists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds for SAW 2023. This will be accompanied by printmaking workshop and artist talks.

Through the introduction of tangible and quaint methods of play and print through this programme, Knuckles & Notch hopes to preserve analogue ways of art-making and enhance their value and appreciation. 

Curator & Artists: Knuckles & Notch, A Whispering Campaign × Dalifu Caps, Calvin Chow, Double Chunky, highnunchicken, Bungle Jym (Ng Yin Shian), Rafi Abdullah, Ratking, Sandy Wang, Teo Chong Wah, Van Lim

Artist talks and Print-making Workshops

Dates and timing to be released at a later date

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