Insect Inventorium

Insect Inventorium

6 – 29 January 2023
Bukit Gombak Park (go to Google maps)
Free Admission

Insect Inventorium

In entomology – the scientific study of insects – about 1 million species have been found and described, but an estimated 9 million more remain undiscovered. What kinds of insects live in and around Bukit Gombak? What can we find when we bend down, take the time to look, follow them and imagine their lives?

In this larger-than-life meets tinier-than-human display, Insect Inventorium invites you to dive into a world of insects, both real and speculative. Come view a collection of insects spotted, observed, documented and imagined by the community. Join in our activities for the public, or even make and contribute your very own insect to the collection.

Insect Inventorium is created by Isabelle Desjeux, Fellow, Foo Maosheng, Hoo Kuan Cien, James Khoo and Faye Lim with the residents of Bukit Gombak. Supported by the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and National Parks Board.

Project Dossier

Credits: Image courtesy of Fellow.

[IG] idesjeux,, chaceingmao, kuancien, caligin, rolypolyfamilysg
[FB] isabelle.desjeux, fellowdesignco, chacefoo.maosheng, kuancien, caligin, rolypolyfamily

Exhibition Tour

7 January, Saturday
11–11.30am, 30min

Artist Tour led by Isabelle Desjeux

28 January, Saturday
5–6.30pm, 90min

Insects After Dark facilitated by Foo Maosheng and James Khoo

28 January, Saturday
7.30–9.00pm, 90min

Free on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration is not required. Capacity: 20 pax per activity.
Meeting point: Pavilion, Bukit Gombak Park (next to the allotment gardens)

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