IMPART Collectors' Show 2021: Leap of Faith

IMPART Collectors' Show 2021: Leap of Faith

19 – 30 January 2021
Art Outreach, 47 Malan Road, #01-24 (go to Google maps)
Mon – Thu, 11am – 7pm
Fri – Sun, 11am – 9pm
Free Admission

IMPART Collectors' Show 2021: Leap of Faith

Turning travel and border restrictions on its head, the 4th edition of the IMPART Collectors’ Show will be going online for the first time with a novel format, showcasing works that would be challenging to transport and present in an exhibition not only because of the logistical challenges these works present, but because they beg to be shown in the meaningful context of the collectors’ private residences and offices. 

It comprises a series of interviews with 6 remarkable private collectors from Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, India and Switzerland, which grant unprecedented access to their homes, offices and selected works that have rarely been shown in public before due to their personal nature or being site-specifically embedded in situ. The conversations provide fascinating insights into their collecting journey, anecdotes of meeting artists, and advice for budding young collectors. 

Titled Leap of Faith, it showcases a class of collectors who go above and beyond in their collecting ethos and willingness to acquire works that require not only living with art, but shaping their places of living around art.

The videos will also be screened at Art Outreach's office in Gillman Barracks.

Deni Ramdani, , 2017, Soil, water and goldfish, Wiyu Wahono Collection. Image courtesy of Wiyu Wahono.

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