If life gives you slime

If life gives you slime

6 – 15 January 2023
Community Park behind Blk 10C Bedok South Ave 2 (go to Google maps)
Free Admission

If life gives you slime

What happens when children lead adults with their imagination? What will they grow to learn from each other?

If life gives you slime is a series of participatory workshops that invites 30 families to connect with their tactile memories and imaginations using slime, encouraging a rediscovery of sensory awareness that may have been neglected over time. In each session, participants touch, feel, move and create dream landscapes with slime, playing and experimenting with abstract forms, colours, and textures. These tactile imaginations will become part of an installation in their neighbourhood, where dream slime landscapes are housed in ‘floating’ orbs that shift with the interplay of day and night, inviting onlookers to stop and look a little closer.

Artists: anGie seah, Nur Surianita, Sufian Samsiyar, Nicholas Chee, TEAQ projects

Co-created by: Haidi, Qiqi, Angela, Cheong Bee Ling Serene, Amanda Lee Si Ling, Chang Weng Yu, Judy Chew Boon Ai, Nur Hazelina , Muhammad Kamarul, Tan Yie Herng, Wilson Tan Jie Hui, Tan Ban Chong, Patnala Venkata Mahitha, John Gerald, Das Amulya, Bhaskran Nair Naveen, Cheung Wan Hong

Community Engagement Workshops

Saturday sessions – 3 & 10 December
Sunday sessions – 4 & 11 December 
10am - 1pm

6 January - Combined sharing session

Location: Amphitheater near Community Park
Registration required. 

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