Forgotten Fragments

Forgotten Fragments

6 – 15 January 2023
Yew Tee CC (go to Google maps)
11am - 2.30pm, 4.30pm - 8pm daily
Free Admission

Forgotten Fragments

Forgotten Fragments is an interactive installation that invites audiences to reassemble 3D jigsaw sculptures of lost places in Singapore by recalling their youth and childhood memories. Curious attendees may sink their hands into the powdery sand and excavate fragments of landmarks and landscapes lost to urban redevelopment, colonisation and entropy. Can anyone still recall demolished sites that did not fit into the future of Singapore?

The game challenges participants to reconstruct these iconic places purely from memory, highlighting how heritage and cultural spaces will fade from retrospection if steps are not taken to preserve them for future generations. Players must handle their archaeological finds with care. Shattered clay pieces are lost forever. The hands-on experience emphasises the fragility of these spaces, and any generation that destroys them leaves them irrevocably lost for their descendants.

Credits: Image courtesy of Joanne Lim

Artists: Joanne Lim, Johnny Lee Sow Mun, Tang Chong Wing, Raihan Harun

Co-created by: Daniel Beh, Chua Mu Fang, Fuuka Yamanoi, Ong Jun Yong, Nicole Serrano Banzon, Lam Kwan Hang, Lam Yan Yan, Yew Sok Yee, Annie Yip, Kiew Ai Er, Chai Jishan, Isella Lim, Usharani, Siddharth, Surya, Shreya, Loke Peng Fai, Lim Lay Hwa, Lee Mei Ling, Karen Ng, Chua Lay Peng, Huang Hsi Min, Saravanan Navaneetha Krishnan, Saravanan Kalimuthu, Diao Jiaying, Diao Jiaqi, Wang Yan, Wang Mi, Wang Junshan, Chua Hui Shan, Tan Seng Woan, Lim Beng Goh, Jessie Yaw, David Chew, Ruth Tiong, Nagai Makiko

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