DISINI by Gillman Barracks & Chan + Hori

DISINI by Gillman Barracks & Chan + Hori
26 Jan 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Alexandra / Gillman Barracks
  • Blk 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Free Admission
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Opening reception:
26 Jan, 7pm

Open 24 Hours
DISINI is a curated festival consisting of a series of events, art exhibitions and public engagements. Spurred by its locale, DISINI borrows its name from the Malay adverb ‘di sini’, meaning ‘over here’. 

The Gillman area has been occupied in as far back as 1349 as noted by Wang Dayuan, a Chinese trader who penned personal encounters with communities living near Longyamen, between Sentosa island and Labrador Point. Today, this historical landscape includes iconic sites such as Haw Par Villa, Pasir Panjang Terminal, the shrine of Raden Mas Ayu, Bukit Chandu and Labrador Park. These landmarks sit within a 4-km radius surrounding Gillman Barracks and string the curatorial premise for DISINI. Catchwords such as ‘divinity’, ‘trade’, ‘war’, ‘myth’, ‘monument’, ‘sanctuary’, ‘flora’, ‘occupation’ and ‘hero’, present ideas that call out to be excavated and engaged. 

Through DISINI, the site presents possibilities for meaningful meetings and a juncture to consolidate the collective spirit. 

Image: Endgame, Nabilah Nordin, 2015. Image Courtesy of Christo Crocker & DISINI.