13 – 19 January 2020
Free Admission


A love letter to devotion and intimacy, an ode to togetherness, an homage to the claustrophobia of surveillance capitalism. Organised by INSTINC, DE:VOTED is an immersive mash-up of light, sound, performance and technology by seven local artists and two Japanese artists. DE:VOTED’s sense of evolving communality will play out through programme of workshops, guided tours and space activations. Set-up, presentation and deinstallation will be dissected and opened up in a single continuous gesture over seven days.

See works by Singaporean artists Urich Lau, Justin Lee, Yen Phang, Ezzam Rahman, Andy Yang, Yeoh Wee Hwee and Yeo Shih Yun and Japanese artists Chihiro Kabata and Yuuri Kabata.

Artists set-up with Audience
13–15 January, 12pm–7pm

Janitor's Tour
Preview Guided Tour by Yen Phang

16 January, 5pm–6pm
Get a behind the scenes look at how DE:VOTED was brought together and gather insights into how it will come apart.

Opening Party

Live Audiovisual Improvisation 
by Andy Yang and Urich Lau

A live feature of cacophonous presentation of sounds and visual elements generated from progressive and overlaying manipulations in PLATO’S CAVE, in an improvisational and durational happening.

ACTIVATION I by Ezzam Rahman, Justin Lee, Yen Phang and Andy Yang
16 January, 7pm–9pm
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ACTIVATION II by Urich Lau, Chihiro Kabata, Yuuri Kabata and Yeo Shih Yun
17 January, 12pm–7pm

DE:ACTIVATION (all artists present)
18 January, 7pm–9pm
*Exhibition streaming in KABATA STUDIO, Tokyo (12pm–7pm)

DE:INSTALLATION (all artists present)
19 January, 3pm–7pm

Image courtesy of Urich Lau
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