Dancing Alone (Don't Leave Me)
Dancing Alone (Don't Leave Me)

8 Jan – 9 Feb
Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film
Opening Hours
Tue–Sat 12pm–7pm
Sun 12pm–4pm
Closed on Mon and PH
Free Admission
Dancing Alone (Don’t Leave Me) by artist Susie Wong is an immersive video installation of solitary women dancing freely, evoking imagery of dance halls in the 1950s and 60s. Referencing a line from the film, The King and I: “no woman would dance alone while a man is looking at her,” the exhibition alludes to the consumed representations of women in media that are re-enacted in the everyday. The dancers in Wong’s videos evoke both the desire to be freed from these tropes and at the same time to themselves consume by reinforcing them through the culturally infusive practices of a modern society. Through dance, she is both empowered and subjugated.

Artist Talk / Panel Discussion
11 January, 2pm–3pm

This talk will shed light on the process of creation and collaboration, expanding on the work’s focus on women’s narratives and representation.

Joget Malam
7 February, 7.30pm–9.30pm

Joget Malam invites responses to the women of Dancing Alone (Don’t Leave Me), through an evening of spoken word, music and dance. The event features spoken word performances by women writers responding to the feminine figures in the installation, and offers a social space for self-expression, community, liberation and empowerment through dance.

Image courtesy of Susie Wong

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