5 January – 3 February 2023
Level 1, National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, singapore 188064 (go to Google maps)
12am - 8pm
Free Admission


“Continuum” has become synonymous with space and time. What we know as time through history sheds light on only one dimension of space but through the eyes of individual artists, additional realms are experienced.

The artists are being challenged to explore the continuum of history through time. “What has been will be again"...

For instance, forms of labour have changed due to economic, social and political reforms. However, there is a sameness, say, that between a white collared worker in Shenton Way today, and a clerk roaming through the columns and corridors of the Pantheon during the reign of Augustus, emperor of Rome. And within spheres of governance, the politician is the consecrated statue under a gold-gild roof of a temple that we walk past without noticing everyday – deified.
Or is this sameness purely a result of the imagination? Perhaps these gods from the past are mere reflections of our own humanity.

The artist uses visual images to articulate this thought, where words promptly fail.

The subject in Patrick Bezalel’s virtual reality apotheosis is the Samsui Woman. She comes alive again in his world and imagination. 

The subject in Chen’s artwork is the prostitute, depicted in contemporary fashion, yet reaching into the past at the same time – as a courtesan from somewhere centuries ago.

The space between these individuals disappears. And time comes to a standstill.

This is the continuum. Linear in form, but circular in essence.

Curator & Artists: Rosalind Lim, Patrick Bezalel, Cheng Yi, Julia Winter, Pascal JalAbert

Talks and Discussion Workshop


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