BLOCK PARTY: Our Neighbourhood Furniture Tetris

BLOCK PARTY: Our Neighbourhood Furniture Tetris

6 – 26 January 2023
Pasir Ris East CC (go to Google maps)
Free Admission

BLOCK PARTY: Our Neighbourhood Furniture Tetris

BLOCK PARTY: Our Neighbourhood Furniture Tetris is an installation inspired by the game of Tetris. In Tetris, the act of stacking may seem simple but it often engages us to consider the ways in which different shapes can fit together in reality. In this work, the myriad of shapes creates a visual metaphor of how diverse groups in our community can come together to form a line, keeping united and resilient against challenges. At BLOCK PARTY, multiplicity is unity, and no one is a misfit. 

Credits: Justin Loke, Block Party, 2023. Image courtesy of Justin Loke. 

Artists: Justin Loke

Co-created by: Philip Yeo, Cindy Ong, Shirley, Eddie Chan, Angela, Amy Soh, Alex Lee, Leow Min En, Leow Min Hao, Lim Ah Choy, Soh Lian Tee, Lau Eng Too, Teo Siew Beng, Ngiam Kuee Key, Oh Boo Chiang, Soh Hoon Eng, Goh Choon Keat, Tan Siew Hiang, Herwinder Kaur, Soh Cheow Chuan, Lee Wai Kiow, Goh Lik Poh, Lui Tong Juat, Jasmine Ho, Haji Mohamed Q Bin Nawab, Keong Ah Teh, Saedah, Rahizan, Shafia Abdul Majid, Evelyn Tan, Yew Sok Yee, Yu Xinyao, and members of the Pasir Ris East community

Community engagement workshops

3 Dec (Sat), 11 Dec (Sun), 18 Dec (Sun)
2pm – 4pm 

Location: Pasir Ris East CC open space in front of cafeteria  

Pre-register at
Walk-ins are welcome

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