Art Encounters

Art Encounters

12 January – 2 February 2020
Orchard Road
Opens daily 11am–7pm
Closed on 25–27 Jan
Free Admission

Art Encounters

Art Outreach will launch Art Encounters during Singapore Art Week 2020, a new initiative that will see three 20ft shipping containers repurposed into a mobile artist’s studio and gallery, travelling to unique sites around Singapore over three years.

At each site, an artist will be invited to create an artwork in residence, giving the public rare insight into the fascinating artmaking process that is often concealed in traditional exhibitions. The completed artwork will remain on display for a few months, enriched by a series of talks and dialogues with the artist and other relevant speakers.

Art Encounters is conceived to extend robust visual art programming to the public throughout the year and beyond Singapore’s art precincts, creating space for encounters with art in daily life and unexpected sites.

The inaugural Art Encounters will take place from 12 January to 2 February 2020 in the heart of Orchard Road and feature one of the most renowned French contemporary artists Lionel Sabatté (b. 1975, Toulouse, France).

As an artist, Sabatté is intrigued by our relationship with the living world, and the transformation of matter through time. For several years now, the artist has undertaken a process of collecting materials often discarded by society that nonetheless preserve traces of our living experience including dust, ashes, charcoal, dead skin and tree stumps. He unexpectedly combines these materials to create delicate and poetic beings.

Live Residency: Lionel Sabatté
12–16 January

Image courtesy of Rebecca Fanuele
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