Alternative Brushes

Alternative Brushes

11 – 19 January 2020
Woodlands Regional Library
Jurong Regional Library
Free Admission

Alternative Brushes

move . make . muse . with Augmented Reality 
11 January, 11am–3pm | Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone
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18 January, 10am–1pm | Jurong Regional Library, Programme Zone
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Make art with alternatives to your regular paints and brushes! move . make . muse . is a workshop that explores the concept of ‘space’ using Augmented Reality (AR). Participants will explore the concept of external and internal spaces through discussion and a movement workshop. Each person chooses a public space in Singapore that is special to them, and using AR, expresses that meaning by layering a video of their movements on a photograph of the chosen space.

This workshop is open to ages 14 and above. Participants are required to download the Captum app on their phones before coming. This app has a free trial so it is not necessary to buy the full features for the workshop.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a hard copy 3R or 4R size photograph of a public space of your choice. (If a hard copy is not possible, you can bring a digital copy. A printer is available on the day to print pictures from online sources, but it is advisable to have ready the image files to maximize the workshop time.)

* This session is inclusive of a 1 hour lunch break.

About The Artist
Wenlin Tan is an artist & movement educator who helps people cultivate awareness and self-growth through creation & movement.

Her work traverses different mediums such as AR, video art, painting and photography, and have been presented in both internationally and locally at Singapore Art Week 2019. As a movement educator, she has been trained in various modalities including Contact Improvisation, contemporary dance, Yoga and Thai Massage. She has performed at KL Performing arts Centre & led movement workshops in Asia & Europe, most recently at Brighton Yoga Festival & Obonjan private island, Croatia.

Alternative Brushes: VR Painting Workshop
12 January, 1pm–3pm | Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone
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12 January, 2pm–4pm | Woodlands Regional Library, Everest Room
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VR: Painting in Motion Performance

19 January, 4pm–5.30pm | Jurong Regional Library, Programme Zone
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Join digital artist Zenith Chan as she creates a virtual painting in a live performance, and shares on her processes in creating the virtual piece. You are also invited to 'walk around' the artwork on the VR device after the performance. This programme is supported by Fantasium Group.

* No registration is required to attend the performance and talk. But please note that as the number of VR headsets are fixed, the number of people who can view the artwork in virtual space is dependent on the time.
About The Artist
Zenith Chan
, also known online as Jar of Rubies, is a digital artist based in Singapore, who experiments how the new medium of virtual reality in the field of sculpting and painting gives the possibility of infinite ways to express creativity on a three-dimensional canvas.

Image courtesy of Scott Webb on Unsplash
MacPherson Community Centre
11 January 2020
Arts @ MacPherson is a series of art initiatives which aims to create delight in everyday experiences through pops of unexpected art around the neighbourhood.