Exploring Art in Central Business District
The CBD Arts Trail includes various art pieces that often goes unnoticed in the business district. Highlights include works by local artists at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and installations by Kurt Laurenz Metzler and Gao Xiaowu at Capitol Tower.
Of Gardens & Dreams – Guided trail of a Public Art Showcase at Taman Jurong
Curated by Shophouse & Co, Of Gardens & Dreams celebrates Taman Jurong's connectedness with nature and her residents' spirit. Join us for this guided trail and discover Singapore's first residential art gallery.
of funniness or Seriousness
A collective exhibition showing the works of David Chan (Singapore), Komkrit Tepthian (Thailand), Umibaizurah Mahir @ Ismail (Malaysia), Zhu Xinyu (China) and Choi Xooang (Korea).
Within Without: A Solo Exhibition by Andre Wee
Within Without presents an exploration of the liminality of identity in a digitised world. Fusing human and architecture, these articulations offer examinations of how meaning, identity and memories are formed and reveal the transformative potential of stepping into the realm of the in-between.
The Projector Culture Docs (Contemporary & Fine Art edition)
The Projector Culture Docs is an ongoing programme of film documentaries surrounding iconic artists, artworks, concerts, performances or specific art forms.
Soo Pieng: Master of Composition
STPI is proud to showcase a selection of works by Cheong Soo Pieng. Being the proponent of the Nanyang style of art, the artist pioneered the first generation of art movement in Singapore. On loan from private collections, this exhibition highlights the progression and development of his art practice.
Amplified Stage
A showcase of the most exciting contemporary artists in today’s art scene, Amplified Stage offers diversity of talents, genres and styles, bringing together the finest in Modern art.
Voices for the Future
Voices for the Future will feature international and local artists engaging us with their unique personalities and artistic language; reinvigorating traditional ideas of art in their new creations for 2019.
Nguyen Lam, A Solo Exhibition
Nguyen Lam, an 80 year-old veteran of Vietnamese art, is one of Vietnam's greatest living contemporary masters.

His paintings are a continuum, a bridge between now and then.
Strangest Stranger
Strangest Stranger is the collaborative show/platform, the brainchild of Cherie Wednesday Sim and Winnie Yip, two strangers who eventually identified each other as kindred spirits and became friends through the internet and over the course of this show. One carefree and crazy, the other contemplative and quiet, their distinctive traits and experiences were what shaped the show and the pieces between.
This exhibition curated by Yan You and Gwen Lee, sees renowned Singaporean street photographer Aik Beng Chia teaming up with his Chinese counterpart Feng Li, to comb the streets in visual dialogue with each other to develop new images and observations of space and daily life.
The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE College of the Arts presents: Art x Tech For Good
What happens when art meets cutting edge technology? Don't miss The MeshMinds Foundation and LASALLE College of the Arts presents: Art x Tech For Good, Singapore's first student-led immersive art exhibition focused on the sustainable development of people and our planet.
Home(work) is a community-centric, interactive installation looking at local issues of domesticity and labour through the mediums of mark-making, sculpture, and drawing. Everyday domestic objects are subverted, encouraging participants to contemplate labour in the home.
Memories of Singapore River
Memories of Singapore River uncovers the olden days of bustling bumboats and toiling labourers through vivid paintings from our veteran artists.
Of Wax, Dyes and Labour
Of Wax, Dyes and Labour is an artistic response to Batik. 7 Singapore-based artists of different practices will be presenting new works, paying homage to the traditional art form that is considered obsolete and labour intensive in contemporary times.
Cities Change. Print Exhibition & Fundraiser
Support The Substation and get your very own HandJob! Join us for the Cities Change. Print Exhibition & Fundraiser, an event showcasing this year's printmaking initiative —HandJob.
Picturing Places of Colonial Singapore
2019 will mark Singapore's 200th year since its founding by the British. How did artists view and portray everyday scenes of early Singapore? Join us in this tour as we travel back in time to hear riveting tales of people and places through interesting vignettes and photographs of artworks from National Gallery Singapore and archival images of Singapore.
Of Other Places
Of Other Places is an interdisciplinary exhibition by Singapore artists Fauzy Ismail, Jeremy Lee (Hell Low), See Kian Wee, and Singapore-based Thai artist Juria Toramae. Curated by Dr Wang Ruobing, the exhibition sets to address the critical relationship between people and places in Singapore.
an intimacy that allies us...
an intimacy that allies us..., a third project under Sikap (LUCKY show, Malais-a-trois), attempts to (re)organize arrangements surrounding collective presentations. Here, artists engage in a sense of ‘critical intimacy’ that entails a personal engagement of upending from the inside.
ORTHODOX showcases contemporary thoughts on personal faith and tradition. It is held at two spaces - Your MOTHER Gallery and Coda Culture.
Art Apart Fair 11th Edition
The 11th edition of the Art Apart Fair will feature the freshest Singaporean artists to enter the scene and mid-career artists from Asia and South America. The show will incorporate design, artisanship and authorship, bringing them all together with visual arts.
Light to Night Festival 2019: Traces and Echoes
Light to Night Festival is an annual urban art event that celebrates the stunning Civic District of Singapore. Experience artworks and events inspired by histories and stories across the various indoor and outdoor festival locations!
More Than Human World: A Wake-up Call From Posthuman
More Than Human World: A Wake-up Call From Posthuman is a futuristic art exhibition by Hatch Art Project exploring relevant contemporary themes.
ARTWALK Little India 2019
Immerse yourselves in the rich heritage and culture of fragrance of Little India through ARTWALK Little India 2019. Presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and LASALLE College of the Arts with the support of Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association, the 2019 edition of this annual multidisciplinary arts project is themed Image and Sound of Fragrance.
Common Life
Common Life at The Arts House will take you on a visual and poetic journey across scenes of everyday life in Singaporean neighbourhoods.
Nanyang Influence: A Nation's Artistic Journey
Nanyang Influence: A Nation's Artistic Journey is a celebration of influential paintings by Cultural Medallion recipients.
Women's Work: Contemporary Art From Asia and the Middle East
Women's Work: Contemporary Art From Asia and the Middle East brings together five innovative women from across Asia and the Middle East who challenge conventional norms. Artists include Jane Lee, Lalla Essaydi, Miya Ando, Golnaz Fathi and Kamolpan Chotvichai.
Art Week at SAM
Enjoy a whole range of art experiences at Singapore Art Week at SAM! Explore artworks by emerging Singaporean artists at the President's Young Talents exhibition, and complete your visit with artist performances, talks and workshops. Don't miss the pre-Singapore Biennale festival too, featuring programmes by local and regional contemporary artists.
DigiMuse Presents
The DigiMuse Presents exhibition will showcase selected projects from the inaugural DigiMuse Open Call 2018. These immersive artworks bring to life the melding of history, art and technology.
Bridging Realms - 2200 A.D.
What would the Earth look like in the distant future? How would it evolve as a result of the way mankind treats it?

2200 A.D. is a witty yet unsettling interpretation of a dystopic future where the Earth has been depleted of natural resources and altered beyond recognition. The installation presents different facets of this world: from a macro-perspective of a city engineered to cope with new demands; to studies of the flora, fauna and architecture that now exist, presented as specimens to be observed and pondered over.

The installation comments on how mindless consumption of natural resources and the wastage resulting from modern materialistic lifestyles threatens our natural environment. The work urges us to reflect on the ethics of our behavior and the role of human agency in determining the kind of legacy we want to leave behind.
Technology is no longer exclusive to scientists, engineers or technologists. It has become an integral part of our everyday lives, and the hurdles to access them have been reduced.

Organised and curated by independent art space Supernormal, Adaptations is a group exhibition that focuses on the intersection between art and technology.
Bridging Realms - Ink Mountain 墨山
Ink Mountain 墨山 is Mark Chan’s personal and unique vision of the world where his paintings and calligraphy in Chinese brush and ink on distressed paper take centre stage. Typified by bold calligraphic strokes combined with personal, idiosyncratic techniques that break out of the strictures of traditional ink painting, Chan has fashioned a world and language of his own. This is a world inhabited by a rich mythology: creatures and spirits and a modern blend of abstractions that glyph, glide and splatter suddenly into recognisable forms and figures.

Chan collaborates with Brian Gothong Tan whose video works will reveal new layers and perspectives of Chan’s paintings. The gallery is transformed into a Sanctuary where the viewer can escape from the world outside. A compelling narrative thread runs through this immersive installation which has a deep connection to primitive roots, ancient mythology and the complex history and character of Southeast Asia.
Bridging Realms - Self-Portrait
A portrait is not just a representation of a person’s likeness. It is imbued with cultural references and speaks of the milieu in which it is created. In the past, only the affluent and influential had their portraits painted; while in today’s technology-driven world, everyone has access to creating images of themselves. Self-Portrait investigates the value of a portrait in contemporary society and how this value has evolved over time.

The installation features a diversity of portraits drawn from different eras, cultures and sources. Bayuaji juxtaposes Indonesian wooden masks with images of faces appropriated from paintings by old European masters and advertisements. Pivotal to the work is the use of mirrors that capture the expressions and appearances of people passing through—a subtle hint at today’s prevalent “selfie” culture where anyone can create their own portraits. The installation presents different interpretations of portraits and attests to their power to tell stories about the human condition that transcends time, cultures and geographical borders.
REUNITE 2019 Young Talent Programme
YTP REUNITE features works from winners of the first 3 editions by artist alumni – Alecia Neo, Lavender Chang, Vellachi Ganesan, Hilmi Johandi, Noor Iskandar, Khin Thethtar Latt, Ezekiel Wong Kelwin and Zhang Fuming.
This Is DOPE !
TAKSU kicks off the 2019 new year with it’s own & original “This Is DOPE!”. Get ready for their version and flavours of artists/artworks/sculptures that will leave you with a buzz and wanting more. “Dope” as a positive is the result of 18 artists creating what they do best - art that visually captures your senses and makes you feel good.
IMPART Collectors' Show 2019: Fabulous Monsters
The IMPART Collectors' Show features visually arresting works of Asian contemporary art from Singapore-based collections. The exhibition demonstrates the depth of engagement and risk-taking among private collectors based in Singapore today.
11 - A Performance Piece by Dawn Ng
11 is a never seen before experiential performance piece by multi-hyphenate artist Dawn Ng. Participants will see Telok Ayer Arts Club transformed into a black box performance space and play an impromptu cast to act out 11 playwritten dialogues. The project is a social experiment in teasing out the tensions, idiosyncrasies, and joys of being human in this day and age.
Mind(less) Wilderness
In collaboration with Ikkan Art Gallery, Miaja Gallery will present Singapore based artist Nandita Mukand's solo exhibition Mind(less) Wilderness, curated by Tanya Michele Amador, in Miaja Gallery's new gallery space.
Culture City. Culture Scape
NTU CCA Singapore will be conducting guided tours of Mapletree Business City II's Public Art Trail. This collaboration between NTU CCA Singapore and Mapletree will showcase artworks by Dan Graham. Zulkifle Mahmod, Tomás Saraceno and Yinka Shonibare.
“Blue Carbon” Wood Carving Symposium 2019
"Blue Carbon" is a wood carving symposium organised by Sculpture Society (Singapore) offering society members and members of the public an opportunity to learn wood carving techniques through a five-day with artist Han Sai Por.
Domestication II
Challenging preconceptions of Asian women in Western context, Su-en Wong draws in the dialogue of her fascination with personal identity, socio-sexuality, and the construction of culture.
My Journey
My Journey – A Retrospective Show of Chng Seok Tin is a historical journal of one of Singapore’s most celebrated multi-disciplinary artist. Chng Seok Tin's significant repertoire will be presented through prints, paintings, sculptures, literature and interviews with the artist in this exhibition.
Hopes & Dialogues in Rumah Kijang Mizuma
Hope & Dialogue in Rumah Kijang Mizuma is a group exhibition of selected artists who have undertaken residency at Rumah Kijang Mizuma in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, an artist residency space founded by Executive Director of Mizuma Galleries, Sueo Mizuma in 2014.
The Lament: Mountain Ghost
Solo exhibition The Lament: Mountain Ghost showcases Chinese artist Cheng Ran's latest video work which juxtaposes the two worlds of ancient Chinese poetry by Qu Yuan and contemporary Chinese society.
The Past and Coming Melt
An exhibition by artist and archivist Koh Nguang How which features Koh's less known environmentally-engaged performative installations and photographs. The show also includes archival and new recreations of previously destroyed or unavailable work.
Lucy Liu and Shubigi Rao: Unhomed Belongings
Co-presented by the National Museum of Singapore and The Ryan Foundation, Unhomed Belongings presents artworks by two creative minds, Lucy Liu from the United States and Shubigi Rao from Singapore. The artists, who have never met in person before, developed into “visual penfriends” through an exploration of their respective works.
Passing — A Solo Exhibition by Vincent Leow
In this solo exhibition, Vincent Leow questions the permanence of the world through the passage of time. These latest works explore the perceived experience and sentiment of losing something or someone.
Flagship Genius 80 featuring Angkor Wat III
Flagship Genius 80 featuring Angkor Wat III showcases NAFA's students, recent graduates and alumni from Fine Art, 3D Design, Design & Media and Fashion programmes.
Of Bonding And Breaking | Kiwha Lee Blocman & Chloe Po
Of Bonding And Breaking showcases the works created by Kiwha Lee Blocman and Chloe Po through their term as artists in residence at NPE Art Residency.
Dance of A Humble Atheist
Dance of a Humble Atheist is a new work by one of Singapore's most innovative contemporary video artists, Toh Hun Ping. Using ceramics and film, Toh expounds on death, faith, the afterlife, the natural world and consciousness.
The last century has seen rapid change. Urbanisation is spreading and the gap between humans and nature continues to grow. In Ecopsychology, resonating with the sense of alienation in modern society, four photographers are trying to understand our presence and position in relation to this world. They are trying to reform and reconnect the linkage between us and our environment, both at the conscious and subconscious levels.
<     > Sim Lim Square Art Residency
3-week art residency held in the city's 'tech' mecca aims to code and recode perspectives surrounding art, technology and space. Inhabiting a store unit repurposed as an artist studio, the artists engage with communities and resources at Sim Lim Square to develop new artistic projects.
The Art Week Conversations: Considering Collecting
Every art market has its particular character and points of growth, developing according to the actions, insights and directions of its producers and buyers. The Art Week Conversations panel discussions are topical, looking at current art collecting scenarios, as well as recent milestones.
Brush Diary
Brush Diary showcases architect-turned-art-teacher Tay Zhiyong's works as he learns to paint in watercolour. Zhiyong reinterprets his subjects through his own lens and methodical planning, creating nuanced pieces of quiet dignity.
This is Where, by Sean Cham
Through a satirical documentation of construction sites and migrant workers in Singapore, This is Where brings to light the workers who have been relegated to abject status—hidden behind noise panels and safety barriers.
Vanishing Workflows
Vanishing Workflows by French artist Xavier Antin recalls the automation of the assembly line and its role, provoking global questions about the value and future of labour, production, industry, and economics in today's digitised world.
Remembering Chen Wen Hsi - In commemoration of Dr Chen Wen Hsi on the 27th Anniversary of His Passing
Dr Chen Wen Hsi Art Museum commemorates the passing of Dr Chen Wen Hsi (1906 - 1991), our first generation pioneer artist, by presenting 20 early works previously exhibited at Taipei National Museum of History in 1981.
Elements of Chinese Calligraphy – A Solo Exhibition by Tan Oe Pang (Part 3)
Featuring various works written over the years, Tan Oe Pang's calligraphy inherits many centuries of tradition while creating a distinctive artistic style of his own.
Tapestry of Scenes from Singapore
Be enthralled with the enchanting paintings by a group of watercolourists through a series of familiar scenes of Singapore.
Boedi Widjaja: Rivers and lakes tanah dan air
ShanghART Singapore is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Boedi Widjaja, featuring new works from his Stone telling (2011 - ) and Imaginary homeland (2015 - ) series. The presentation highlights Widjaja’s use of drawing and mark-making as conceptual, corporeal processes; producing outcomes that span a broad range of media, including text and large-scale installations.
FrictionaL: Ben Loong and Zulkifli Lee
Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present FrictionaL, a duo exhibition featuring a selection of paintings and sculptures by Ben Loong (b. 1988, Singapore) and Zulkifli Lee (b. 1978, Malaysia). A tour de force display of the unconventional processing of material infrastructure, the exhibition will engage the gallery space in constructing a site of active encounters between the two emerging artists.
Jef Geys Quadra Medicinale Singapore
NTU CCA Singapore is privileged to be presenting Quadra Medicinale by the late Belgian artist Jef Geys (1934–2018), shown for the first time in Asia. The project was initially commissioned for the Belgian pavilion at Venice Biennale in 2009 and surprised the art world with its organic subject matter and its collaborative process.
And in the Chapel and in the Temples: Buddhist Archive of Photography. Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho.
In this contemporary engagement with modern art histories of Southeast Asia, the research practices of the Buddhist Archive of Photograpy in Luang Prabang Laos, and the collaborative project by artists Amy Lien and Enzo Camacho focusing on the Filipino-American modernist painter Alfonso Ossorio are juxtaposed in this presentation.
Beneath Tide, Running Forest
This exhibition is a response to the anthropogenic issues of the marine ecosystem by four Singapore artists, Chen Sai Hua Kuan, Henry Lee, Shirly Koh and Dr Wang Ruobing, in collaboration with NParks, environmental groups, and schools.
Bridging Realms - Game of Life
Justin Lee revisits his iconic terracotta warrior and re-envisions it as soldiers facing off in a game of Chinese chess, or xiangqi. Structural features reminiscent of the Chinese chessboard form the backdrop for this battlefield. The grid-like fortresses and river winding through the steps act like cartographical elements on a map, creating a theatrical setting for a fictional battle. To Lee, games and the concept of play could function as metaphors to investigate prevailing social and cultural norms. He is interested in how Chinese chess could be used to analyse the prevalence of social hierarchies and how these affect our interactions with each other. The installation is a tongue-in-cheek representation of how we manoeuvre the relationships we have in different arenas – at the workplace, in social settings and in the digital realm. The artwork is also an invitation to reflect on the impact of technology on our daily lives as we gravitate away from traditional games like Chinese chess to those played on digital platforms.
Minimalism: Space. Light. Object
See more through less at Minimalism: Space. Light.Object., organised by National Gallery Singapore in collaboration with ArtScience Museum.

Minimalism, which has fundamentally changed the way we look at art, will be surveyed from the lens of the cross-cultural dialogue between artists in Asia and the West for the first time ever.
Placing Home: Woodlands
Placing Home: Woodlands is a public art project curated by Dr Wang Ruobing that explores ideas of home and movement within Woodlands.
Moving pledges: Art and action in Southeast Asia
Moving pledges presents works by 13 Southeast Asian artists who use art as a means to probe social and political power structures.
Robert Zhao Renhui: Trying to remember a tree (iii) – The world will surely collapse
A special outdoor light box installation by Singaporean artist Robert Zhao Renhui featuring a series of 14 near life-size photographs of a very old and large tree that collapsed near the artist's home.
Yeo Shih Yun: Diaries, Marking Time And Other Preoccupations
In Diaries, Marking Time and Other Preoccupations, artist Yeo Shih Yun, conceives of her studio as a site of appropriative potential. Marks discovered on a piece of cloth and on the studio floor are mobilised as compositions transpiring from labour and chance.
Homeless: An Exhibition By Chow And Lin
NUS alumni and practicing artists Stefen Chow and Huiyi Lin present an installation series at the NUS Museum titled Homeless, which puts together visual indicators of private and transnational economies, current mobility of communities, and the shared aspect of power in society.
Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters Of Photography
Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography gathers images taken in Thailand during the 1950s to 1970s by seven photographers: Buddhadasa Bhiku, Liang Ewe, S.H. Lim, Saengjun Limlohakul, Pornsak Sakdaenprai, ’Rong Wong-Savun and M.L. Toy Xoomsai. The 247 remastered prints exhibited potentially survey photographic traditions at the onset of Modern Thailand.
Prep-Room | After Ballads
After Ballads is a prep-room project by artist Fyerool Darma that locates literary foundations to historic figures and objects from the NUS Museum collection. Darma also explores epistemology of texts, artefacts, and systems of language that proceeds to trace how it is shaping contemporary society.